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  1. Default Im sorry but I know NOTHING... NewYork-Florida

    Hi all...
    I am a tiny blond Icelandic girl and I am going with some friends from NY to Florida. I hope it will be a great roadtrip.
    I havent been to many cities in the USA and I dont know about what to hope for. I just want to have fun in the sun, see some great places and learn new things. Can you guys help me?
    I dont know where to get the best deal on a car, where to spend the night or which way to go. Can you tell me about what places are must sees?
    I will have a VISA card and a GPS. ;)
    I think I will take 6-10 days on the road to Florida and then spend 2-6 days seeing Florida. I have more time though. I will be in the USA for 23 days.
    Hoping for some great help. Love, Rut

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    Hi Rut.

    I'm planning a similar trip, going from Miami to New York, and don't know much (Swedish).

    I got some really nice answers to my post though, I'm especially impressed with the post that "Fay" wrote, about driving along the atlantic coast.

    If you look at my answer to Fays post, you'll find a link where I've also mapped out the route in Google Maps.

    The thread:

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    Default Welcome to RTA

    A good place to find out information.

    I'd cruise along the Atlantic as musc as possible. North Carolina is a paticular treat, especially the Outer Banks and Cape Hatteras. Here you can not only see the famous lighthouse, site of the Wright Brothers first flight, and the "Lost Colony", but also get to go on ferries.

    On the SC/NC border is Calabash where you can try Calabash-style shrimp, a real taste treat.

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    I have a big problem.
    I cant fint where I can rent affordable car. :( Plz help and point out where I can look for one.

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    Default affordable?

    What problems are you having in finding an "affordable" car? Is it an age issue, and if so what is your age? What price range do you consider to be affordable? Where have you looked so far?

    If the problem is your age, there might not be a good solution, but everything pretty much depends upon the specifics of your situation.

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    The driver is going on 28 yrs.
    I have found the cars to cost 1100$ if the drop off is in Florida and pick up in NY. Few months ago I got a car for 4 days for 150$ so I was hoping to get one for under 500$ with the drop off charge. I have my own insurance.
    I have been looking all over the internet.

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    Default math

    $1100 for a 3 week rental, one way, doesn't seem too far out of line. Typically, I'd expect you'll be looking at a couple hundred dollars just for a one way drop fee. That rate works out to about $50 per day, which just isn't all that uncommon, and its not that much more than the $40 per day you paid before - especially if your earlier rental was a round trip.

    The best I can tell you is to keep searching, trying different pickup and drop-off locations, and different dates if possible.

    You might just find a real bargin, but unfortuantly, I just don't think its very likely you'll find a car for this trip for $500 or less.

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    Default Kayak

    Have you tried searching on Kayak?

    They search through multiple sites to find the best deal.
    Might be of help.
    But as Midwest Michael said, you'll just have to try different pick-up & drop-off locations, and different dates to try and find the best deal.

    I'm renting a car for 17 days, and I got a really good base deal through Auto-europe (with Dollar) since I had a company discount. $490 for a Dodge Caliber or similar (Compact 4-door) for 17 days.
    Turns out, though, that there's an estimated $500 one way drop off fee to be paid at arrival, so it's suddenly $940. I took that deal anyway, because I found it hard to find anything cheaper, at least in that car-category.

    On a side note: I search now, and found a car for $772 for that period (17 days, Aug 17-Sept 3). But then there's an additional (optional) $203 for Collision Damage Coverage (Witch I need). That's a total of $975. So I guess I got a ok deal, since I got a better car for a bit less money (and it included necessary insurance).
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    oops... I forgot to mention. 1100$ is not for 3 weeks. >that would make me really happy. It is for 6 and a half day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now maybe you can understand my worries.
    Thanx for all your help. Any other suggestions?

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    Default no magic bullet.

    Well, $1100 for a week does sound pretty high, and I'm curious about the specifics as to what you are looking for and where you've found this rate.

    Having said that, You will still probably have a couple hundred dollars in drop off fees, and if you are looking at daily rates to get 6.5 days, you'll almost certainly save a significant of money by booking at a weekly rate.

    With the drop off fee, it still wouldn't shock me to see you having to pay $500 or more, but you should be able to do better than $1100. I don't know where you've already looked, but about all I can tell you is to keep looking at a variety of different sites, including the ones already linked in this thread, and try as many different combinations as you can.

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