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  1. Default 7 days, where should we go?

    Hi, I would love if someone could help me plan a road trip for my boyfriend and me. We've never been on one before, so we're new at this. We live in Orange County, California and we don't have a particular destination in mind; we're open for anything.

    A couple of things we would like to do:
    Go to a new state
    Visit historical landmarks
    Go to an amusement park
    Site see
    Go hiking, water rafting, etc.
    Do things tourists do

    If you could give me some ideas, that would be great. Thank you so much for your time!

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    Default A new state?

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A forums.

    Do you mean a seven day roadtrip from your door?

    I'm not sure about any New states,or perhaps you mean one you hav'nt visited before LOL! ;-) Not knowing which states you may have visited already I'm going to risk it and say how about a round trip going through Nevada, Utah and arizona.
    Something like this should give you most of what you require:
    Las Vegas/ Zion n.p and Bryce canyon> Page> Monument valley> Grand canyon> Lake havasu.

    If this is the sort of idea[s] you are looking for then let us know and i'm sure we could help you piece it together

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    Default Theme parks?

    Here's a list of theme/amusement/water parks and zoos that might be helpful.

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    How about going to Vegas? That should probably work for you.

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