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  1. Default California grand tour in 12 days...

    Hi all,

    I'll be flying in to LA on 2 August with a friend and we'll have basically 12 clear days in California and are hoping to do the grand tour. All the best bits that we can fit in the time available. At the same time, we want a relaxing holiday. For me, that means not moving around every day and limiting the drive-time.

    I've put together an itinerary (using travel books and the internet) which is below. I'd really appreciate an experience pair of eyes to take a look at it and let me know if they have any thoughts on it.

    A bit of background on us. We're in our early thirties and looking for a mixture of city fun and gorgeous nature.

    Anyway, here's the itinerary:

    Day 1 - arrive LA (night)
    Day 2 - LA
    Day 3 - LA- Sequoia (5 hrs)
    Day 4 - Sequoia
    Day 5 - Sequoia - Yosemite (3 hrs)
    Day 6 - Yosemite
    Day 7 - Yosemite - Lake Tahoe (3 hrs)
    Day 8 - Lake Tahoe
    Day 9 - Lake Tahoe - wine country (Napa, Sonoma)
    Day 10 - wine country
    Day 11 - wine country - SF (2 hrs)
    Day 12 - SF
    Day 13 - SF - Monterey Bay (3 hrs)
    Day 14 - Monterey Bay - LA (4 hrs), for flight out

    Any thoughts gratefully received.

    Many thanks!


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    Default A nice relaxed pace.

    Hello and welcome to the forums.

    Your trip looks well thought out and should give you a nice relaxed pace with time to get an overview of the areas you are visiting, although you often need to add time to those mapping
    systems as they don't allow time for breaks,side trips,gas stops and the possibility of traffic congestion in the cities.
    The one thing that stands out is the 4 hour drive from Monterey bay to catch your flight,not only do i believe you need more time for this journey[a lot more if you are tied to a scheduled flight] but you will be missing out on taking the Pacific coast highway [route 1], which it has been said many times, is one of the most scenic roads in the U.S.A and this will take you longer still.
    I would maybe think of arriving in San Fran a day before or leave on the afternoon of your 12th day for Monterey so that the end of your relaxing trip does'ntturn into a mad dash,lol.

    Other than that it looks fine but if you would like any more info or help on the places you are visiting please ask and we may be able to help you 'fine tune' your trip.

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