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  1. Default San Francisco to DC - military move, most expedient route

    Myself, my husband & 3 kids are doing a cross country roadtrip in late September from Monterey/San Fran to Washington, DC. We are AAA members, moving permanently to the east coast with the military. We want to "beat the moving truck" to DC [so our stuff goes straight to our new home & not storage], so we're looking for the fastest, most time expedient route. We're concerned about mountainous terrain slowing us down if we go a northern route. Any thoughts would be much appreciated! :)

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    Default The Shortest Distance

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    As the old adage says: The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. In your case, that would be I-80 all the way to eastern Ohio and then just cut slightly southeast on I-76/I-70/I-270 into the Washington area. There are no other routes that will save you time over that. Have you looked into the possibility of having someone else, a family member, friend, or base officer, being at the other end to let the movers in and sign for the delivery? Or even having only one of you make the drive, leaving early, while the other stays behind to handle the loading and then flying to DC? Professional truckers, especially if driving in a team can cover a lot of ground fairly rapidly. My guess is that they will deliver your furniture in only 4-5 days. And it would be a shame to turn this opportunity for you and your children to see your country into nothing more than a Cannonball Run.


  3. Default Mountainout terrain? Snow in Sept?

    We looked at both Rt 80 & Rt 70 - we thought there might be mountainous terrain which may slow things down on any one particular route. We want to be there to receive the household goods and hold the movers accountable for any possible breakage, etc. We're hoping just to congratulate them on a job well done.
    This will be our fourth cross country, and this time traveling with 2 toddlers and an infant [all in diapers -a plus for a road trip!] we're ready to just get from pt A to pt B and stay put for good! You're right - it's a gift to do a cross country - the USA can be truly breathtaking.

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    Default Mountain passes shouldn't matter

    Unless you're driving a car that is seriously under-powered or faulty and not safe to be driving cross-country anyway, the elevation gains/losses on I-80 (or I-70, for that matter) won't slow you down.

    Interstates are built to certain standards allowing long-haul truckers to be able to drive on them safely. Depending on your vehicle, you may not be able to travel at top speed when gaining elevation but most any car should be able to drive near highway speeds. Many can do faster without a problem.

    All in diapers? Bless you. :)

  5. Default thank you!

    That's exactly the answer I was hoping for! Thank you both for all your help!!!

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