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    Please Help! My friend and I are taking a roadtrip to the Oregon Coast in just a few weeks. We have about 7 days total and need help in planning the trip. We want to take the quickest route there (the 5 freeway, I guess) because we will be spending 3 days of our trip in Lincoln City. We still want to see interesting sights along the way but only have about 1 and half days to get there. The way back we want to take the coast. Neither of us have been there before so we are excited to see as much as possible. Thanks for your help, Lori
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    If I read your time frame correctly, you'll have two full days to get home. I hope that's right because you'll need practically every minute of it if you hope to spend any significant time on the coast. The problem is that there are over 900 miles between L.A. and Lincoln City, and even at freeway speeds (e.g. on your way north on I-5) that is a minimum of a day and half drive. So... First, I'd suggest that you just concentrate on making the drive north, and while you won't have the time to get far off the main highway, there are still some places to take breaks near exits. Similarly on the way back south, you can see a bit of coast, but you'll have to get back to I-5 pretty soon if you hope to get home by the evening of your last day. I wouldn't try to go much farther than Reedsport, and then use OR-38/OR-99 to get back on I-5. That still lets you see some beautiful coast and a number of state parks. Just don't dawdle!



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