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  1. Default 1st Time *nearly* cross continent ~ Orlando to Las Vegas! Please advice

    Hello folks,

    As the title suggested, it will be my first road trip/ cross country driving or whatever it will be. As you may already guessed, I am not quite comfortable driving that long, but I have to drive back to Vegas because of relocation.

    So please, I really need some advice...

    What is the best route, in terms of easiness/safety and possibly fun, to drive?
    I would like to stop in some major cities if time allowed. I am planning to complete the course within a week if possible five days ( I know...but I have to get back to school in time..><") There will be two people driving.

    Generally it safe and easy to drive at all? I would really prefer to stay away from some deserted road because I heard there will be sections that has completely nothing in hundreds of miles.

    Please, any advice will be much appreciated!!


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    As it happens, your simplest and safest route does consist of about half a dozen roads, not bad for a "*nearly* cross continent" drive. Start out on the Florida Turnpike, then I-75 to Atlanta. There take I-20 west to Birmingham, AL and US-78 to Memphis. At this point most of your navigation is done and you just get on I-40 west all the way across AK, OK, TX, NM and AZ to Kingman, AZ and finish up with US-93 into Las Vegas.

    That's just a shade over 2400 miles, so if you keep up our recommended pace for long term driving of 500-550 miles per day you can cover it in 5 days, or stop in some cities en route. Major cities on your way would include Atlanta, Memphis, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, and Albuquerque. Nowhere on this drive will you be on a road with "completely nothing in hundreds of miles" and hundreds of hundreds of thousands of people do this every day.


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