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  1. Default Eastern shore of Lake Michigan: scenic?

    Hi all!

    I'm about to make the somewhat brief jaunt from South Bend, IN to Sleeping Bear, MI to camp for the weekend. I wondered if the eastern shore of Lake Michigan was any more scenic than the south, which so sadly seems to be littered at every opportunity with power plants and smokestacks. Is there a road that goes at all along the lake? Anyone have any recommendations?

    Thank you much!


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    The South Shore is certainly a victim of Chicago's urban sprawl, although even there a few gems in the rough, like Indiana Dunes, can be found.

    Having said that, the more you move north, the more scenic and secluded the areas will become. There is no one highway that runs along the lake, however there are several sections of various roads that run close to the lake for fairly decent stretches. You'll have to look at a map to find the specific stretches, and which areas where you'll want to get off the main highway and drive along the shore.

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