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  1. Default 30 day RV trip with 2 female friends from overseas

    I am planning a 30day RV trip with 2 friends from overseas. We are meeting some internet friends that are located from New England to California. In groups concentrated around regions that they live in ( 8-10 stops). Anyway we also want to stop and see the sites too......for example..DisneyWorld, Mississppi RiverBoat trip, Branson MO, go on a Texas Cattle Drive, Grand Canyon, rafting down the Colorado, Vist California Yosemite and then Pacific Coast, to Washington State and the East to Wyoming and visit the Yellowstone and then to Boston stopping at the Amish Country and then maybe at the Statue of Liberty in NY. Is there someplace I should absolutley see given my friends are from overseas!!!!!????????????????

    I am budgeting $10,000 for this trip which includes air fare for my friends, large RV rental, fuel for 7500 miles @ $4.00/per gallon and groceries and campsite fees. Is that too little to much...

    Also, cn this all be done in the alloted 30 days???

    I have camped before but not on an extended trip like this.

    Suggestton for savings . I plan on using Walmart lots , T/A's, National Park pass, Good Sam Club....anything else?

    How much should I budget for daily unsundry items...$50-$100/per day. Eating out..seeing some sites that are not on schedule etc

    Thank you

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    $100/day is not out of the question for expenses - I would err on the side of caution and consider this to be the norm, so you're looking at $3000 from your budget right there. The fuel cost, depending on the type of RV you have, could be around $2500-3000, and you're going to want to go to a dump station every now and then, too.

    Have you already set up an RV rental? Are you familiar with driving such a vehicle?

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    Thanks forgot about dumping fees.....No on RV..but I have driven lumber trucks ten-wheelers

    $100/day= per person cost or for the three of us total cost of $100 per day?
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    Default A great way to travel.

    We love the whole R.V. lifestyle thing but make sure you do your homework on costs. We had a 30ft 'class c' and driving pretty economically we managed aprox 9.5 m.p.g. return,so with your mileage you are looking at around $3150 and thats without it rising above $4 a gallon.

    Have you calculated for additional mileage which after a fixed amount of miles the normal seems to be to charge around 30 cents for each additional one.
    There is also additional insurance charges if you want to bring down the access charged for any damage that may occur plus generator usage,[which you will need if you are using walmarts etc] kitchen and bedding kits if needed and preperation fees.

    If you use camp grounds on occasion then we found there was no charge to dump your waste if you pay for your pitch,so timing is everything,lol.

    Most of the N.P's have these facilities and are quite reasonable to stay in,most were around $20 a night and the beauty of it was that once you had "set down" you can take advantage of there frequent and free shuttle bus services which saves you the hassel of packing up and also costs on fuel in and out of the park.

    I think you may need to stretch your budget a little further,or at least be prepared to. :-)

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