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  1. Default driving acadia - white mountain national park

    we're going to be driving from acadia national park to white mountain national park. we're interested mostly in scenery and food, but we're also in a bit of a rush - we'd like to cover the distance in one full day of driving.

    could anyone suggest the best route for us - whether taking the interstate 95 or a combination of smaller roads? thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    There's no real need to be in a big hurry to get from Maine to New Hampshire. In fact, part of the Forest is in Maine. Is there a particular mountain that you are interested in seeing?

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    hehe normally i'd agree with the not hurrying bit, except that there is a hurry when you need to return a rental car and catch a bus in boston. ;-)

    no mountain in particular - this is our first time in new england so we're just trying to find the most scenic route and not miss any must-sees along the way, if any. thanks!

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    Default Well then

    A couple of things to note:

    I-95 doesn't go anywhere near the White Mountains. I-93, however, runs right through them, and is generally a scenic route. You will have to head West and hook up with US-2 to NH-115 to US-3 South; the other option, which will take you close to Mount Washington, would be to head South on NH-16 off of US-2. Either route is very scenic.

  5. Default Take Route 302 off Exit 48 or RT 26 Ex 63

    I live in Maine, but enjoy the White Mtns...I would......given where you are coming from.....get off at Ex 48 in Portland, ME. Follow the signs to Rt 302 (take a left after toll booth) and head West on Rt 302. That will take you right into North Conway, NH. Once in North Conway....stop at the Mudddy Moose or Tuckerman's Inn or Scarecrows in Intervale.

    You could also get off at Ex 63 in Gray, ME and pick up RT 26 to Bethel, ME, Beautiful drive!! Once in Betehl pick up RT 2 to Route 16 in Gorham then head down 16 to Route 302. many good place to meat in Bethel/Newry area.....Try Sunday River Brewery. Good luck

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