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    I am trying to plan a two week or so road trip with my 7 year old son. basically the goal is to drive some amazing road, see some even more amazing things, learn some history, visit some lakes, streams, rivers, forests, see everything and anything we can. i am looking for any and all information i can get as far as sites, roads, locations, spots to see spots to avoid and so on. This will be THE great american road trip, that is the goal. point me to sources post links anything you can to help make it an amazing trip!

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    Default What fun you'll have with your son!

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    With 2 weeks, you're not going to be able to see everything unless you do nothing but drive the whole time. And, really, you've asked such a wide-open question that it's virtually impossible for us to give you an answer. It's so wide of a question, that there are thousands, if not a million, possibilities.

    And, with 2 weeks, I really don't see how you can go east to Tennessee and then to the West Coast and back again. (However, if this is a one-way drive with a flight home, it does become more possible.)

    I don't know where you're starting so I did Madison to Nashville to San Francisco to Madison. This is a trip of just over 5000. In 14 days, you would have to drive 360 miles per day. This is do-able but much harder with a 7 year old as you normally need to stop more. This also doesn't include any variance off of the quickest route. So it doesn't include any miles to drive up the coast, to go a few miles off the route here-and-there to visit attractions, and more. Heck, this doesn't even include a swing through Disneyland. If your son is like most kids, this would be tops on his list. I just think you're rushing it...particularly for your son.

    If you skip the Tennessee leg, the trip becomes more feasible but it will still be a quick trip with you zipping past a lot of really cool stuff.

    I suggest you get a good map or atlas and look it over to see what types of places appeal to you. Have your son do it with you. He should be part of the planning.

    Also, if you give us an idea of what types of things you want to see and do, it will be easier for us to make suggestions.

    If you're looking for beaches, why not visit something on the East coast?

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    As an experienced tripper who can tolerate 800+ mile days at the speed limit out West, I agree with everyone who suggests you shorten the trip. Considering your passenger, why not make a quick stop at Indy for the museum on your way to the Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio. Then head south to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. Grab some Kansas City BBQ on the way to Rocky Mtn National Park outside Denver. That's a good way to get up to Grand Teton/Yellowstone Parks in Wyoming (2-3 days would be nice). Lodges & Camping inside the park may all be full but I'd check the Yellowstone Lake area Lodge or just remember there's a decent cafeteria on site while you're touring the park. Lots of lodging outside the park but you'd better have a reservation there if necessary. You'll be glad you rested and save the California/Utah/Arizona trip for another season. Yosemite (CA) Grand Canyon (AZ) and Utah Parks are HOT & nicer on the edge of the summer crowd season. Great Smokies in TN is open year round, so why fight the crowds? This is still a good 12 day trip and you might add a look at an historic hotel (W.? Baden Springs Hotel) in French Lick IN or the Cosmosphere and Space Center in Hutchinson KS. Fort Laramie in WY is a good stop if western history interests you.

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