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    So its not just this company?

    Unfortunately, i've found that they only allow you to stay within, i think Nevada , Arizona and California.

    Is this typical of US car hire companies?
    I can't find info on this anywhere!


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    From what I hear out on the road, it is quite common for there to be geographic restrictions on rental cars. This seems to vary not only between companies, but also between different offices of the same company. Do your research and click on every location of every company in SF (if that is where you are renting from), and you are bound to find what you need, at a price you are willing to pay. Many places also will not allow you to rent for more than four weeks.

    When I rented in Seattle, I asked at least three times (email, phone call and in person when I was there), just to make sure, that I could take it anywhere in the US and Canada. That was the car I took to Alaska.

    Lifey who encourages you to keep looking

    p.s. Have you tried to arrange your car rental through a UK agency?
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    Wow they let you take it to canada?
    I'd have thought car rental companies would want you to at least stay in their country!

    I got a quote today for £1000ish. 60 days rental, anywhere in the US, additional driver, and a charge for both our ages of 21.

    Emailed back asking if this was final.
    No. £3300!

    £1000 isn't a quote then? lol

    But they say they have a young renters package for £2100.
    But the fact that their young drivers pay a premium on the general rental, but theres a package for young drivers at two-thirds the price, is purely illogical.

    Anyway, Thanks very much for your help. =]

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    You can generally take a US rental into Canada, but I'm not aware of any company that will let you take one into Mexico.

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