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  1. Default Stuck in Flagstaff on way to New York City

    Hi all,

    I wish I would have found this forum before we started our roadtrip-lots of good info.

    We started our road trip on Sunday and have to be in NYC by Aug 5th (16 days total). We bought an '02 Audi A4 Quattro to make the trip more comfortable.

    Here's what's happened so far:
    -Left Sunday at 6pm instead of our planned time of noon (packing is hard)
    -Arrived in Sedona at 1:00am
    -Toured Sedona a bit in monday morning and had lunch at the Red Planet diner , Incredible! (Aside from the food of course)
    -Left Sedona at 2pm on monday to try and catch sunset at Grand Canyon .
    -Audi lost power 30miles outside of sedona.
    -Drove to Flagstaff at 20mph to find mechanic.
    -Found a nice mechanic at 3:30pm on monday.
    -Problem diagnosed as bad ignition coil (no parts in town)
    -Borrowed Mechanic's disgusting Ford Tempo and stayed at the Monte Viste in downtown flagstaff.

    NOW: 11AM on tuesday and still no ignition coil.

    So, when the parts get in at noon as they promised (not holding my breath), we have to make the choice between heading up north to Montana then east along the great lakes, OR south to New Orleans and up through the appalachians. We are very indecisive. What do you all think?



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    Default sorry to hear that

    Hello and welcome to the forums.

    Sorry i can't help you with your choice as i am unfamiliar with those areas but i would like to wish you better luck for the rest of your trip.

    Keep smiling and make the best of it :-)
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    Maybe: Flag-Sunset Crater Volcano NM-Wupatki NM-Cameron Trading Post-Navajo NM-Monument Valley-Gooseneck SP-Moki Dugway-Muley Point-Natural Bridges NM-Edge of the Cedars NM-Canyonlands The Needles-Moab-Arches NP-Canyonlands NP Island in the Sky-Dead Horse Piont SP-ut128-Colorado NM--Vail-Lake Dillon-Denver and back east.

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    Default Gosh, bummer on the breakdown!

    But it's a nice ride when it's running good! And nice of the mechanic to lend you a car.

    If you haven't made it to Grand Canyon yet, I'd go up through there, and visit Zion and Bryce NPs as I made my way through Utah. How about something like this?

    I kinda like Yeehaw's suggestions, too.

    I hope you're enjoying the Flagstaff area while you're there. It's a nice little city.
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  5. Default Update

    Thanks for the advice.
    You are quite right, it was extremely nice for the auto repair shop to loan us a car. They were very thoughtful. (Economy auto in Flagstaff if anyone needs a good honest repair shop).

    And I could have held my breath if I wanted, they had the parts and the repair done by noon.

    Here's what we've done since:

    -Left Flagstaff with our smooth-running audi.
    -Checked out the Grand canyon (they aren't kidding with the whole "Grand" thing).
    -Drove to Gallup, NM.
    -Stayed at the El Ranco hotel. The rooms weren't anything to write home about, but the charm of the lobby alone was worth the price of admission.
    -Nothing was open past 10pm, so we went to Sonic (there were actually two in the city).
    -Tried to sit outside at sonic, but were attacked by vicious mosquitos.
    -Woke up Wed. morning at El Rancho then took the scenic route to Santa fe.
    -On route 53 stopped at Morro National monument and saw tons of lighting and cliffs and snakeskin shedding and salamanders and lighting bugs. IT WAS SWEET!
    -Got to Santa fe at 6:30, found a nice B&B called Madeline's. Room was kind of hot when we arrived, but the swamp cooler did the trick.
    -So, Santa fe is kind of like a spanish disneyland with some history buried in unknown corners. Kind of disappointed.
    -However, Ate dinner at "The Shed," the food was super-spicy and amazing, and the margaritas were very strong (hence the long entry here).

    Anyways, headed to bed now. Not sure where we are going in the morning. We've got 13 days before we have to stop in the NYC.

    Any thoughts?

    We eventually want to stop in Savanah, GA along the way. Anyone been there?


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    Default Glad to hear you’re back on the road!

    I have to make this a real quick post. It’s late, and I have to be up early.

    I’m sure your hosts at the B&B can give you excellent recommendations about what to see and do in Santa Fe. But, here’s a list of some historic places in and near Santa Fe. If you liked El Morro, you’d probably like Bandelier. The Tent Rocks are cool, too. El Rancho de las Golondrinas is a living history museum at the south end of town.

    The High Road to Taos is a really nice drive. Be sure to take a tour of Taos Pueblo if you head up that way.

    Have fun!

  7. Default Taos it is

    Thanks Howard,

    It looks like we will be taking the high road to Taos today. Apparently there's some sort of festival at the Pueblo tomorrow. Should be interesting.

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    Default Morro NM sounds very cool

    I'll have to add that to my own list of to-dos.

    Last time in NM, I had to choose between Santa Fe and Taos (no time for both). I got talked into SF. Wish I'd done Taos. I hope you'll share about the festival at the pueblo.

    Here's some good info about Savannah and other attractions near it that should be helpful.

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    Default Route 66

    Have you considered driving some more along Route 66? Gets you back in touch with an older, slower America.

    Glad you got to see and stay at the El Rancho. We went to the bar and got to meet the owner, who also owns most of the Indian souvenir places in the area.

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