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    I'm planning for a road trip from Northern NJ to Chicago which is just under 800 miles. I'm going to break it up into a 2-days drive with an overnight layover somewhere in between. I realize Cleveland is sort of in the middle but I would prefer to stay in some small town with great characters instead and is more along the way towards Chicago. I would appreciate if someone here can give me some ideas.

    In addition, other the using Rt 80, are there any more picturesque back roads that I can explore? However, I do believe Rt. 80 is the most direct and shortest route between the two points.


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    I admire your desire to try something different, I, too, came to a point having driven the turnpikes one too many times, where I wanted an alternative. The road I found that was relaxing, even bucolic, was US-30 which in many places is the old Lincoln Highway. In your case, you'd still use I-80 across northern Pennsylvania (a great road that doesn't have a time-efficient alternative) and then at Youngstown, continue straight onto I-76 rather than take the exit where I-80 joins the Ohio Turnpike. Continue on to I-71 south to Mansfield, OH and US-30. Mansfield might make a good overnight and in any event would allow you to change gears between your two days of driving. US-30 to Chicago from here is usually a four lane divided highway with portions such as bypasses around small cities being controlled access. The only sizeable city you'll have to deal with is Fort Wayne, and a bit around Chicago until you get back onto the freeway system. Anyway, have a look at that route and see if it doesn't meet your requirements.


  3. Default Alternative Highway between NJ and Chicago

    Thanks AZBuck. I'll definitely look into the US30 and Mansfield in Ohio as the layover stop. Btw, how long is the US30 on this route?


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    Default Oldest Transcontinental Highway

    The Lincoln is the oldest transcontinental highway in the US, dating to 1913, and you will get a lot of Americana using it.

    However, it is quite congested once you get near Illinois.

    If you want to stay along the northern route along Lake Erie, Port Clinton, is a good stop, and get some Tony Packo sausages in Toledo.
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