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  1. Default from MA,to Lake Erie to Montana,Oregon/Cal coast in Sept. Need tips

    Hi! Were going to camp (tent) cross country from MA to Cal along the Northern states....Michigan, Wisconsin, N.Dakota, Montanna, Oregon...This is my first time. Any tips on camping in these areas would be much appreciated. Any must see' places to camp, etc... My friends are worried about bear attacks, any stories or info on that? How best to protect oneself? Thanks, Jeanne

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    Default First roadtrip or first camping trip?

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    The route you're traveling has thousands of "must sees". What types of things are you interesting in seeing? How much time do you have? Are you interested in things off the main route or is your timeframe short enough that you can only see things close to your main route? We can better give you recommendations if we have a better understanding of what you're looking for.

    When you camp, are you interested in a private campground with lots of facilities, some of which provide almost a more resort experience? Or more rustic camping, like in state and national parks, with more limited facilities but also more options for hiking and other outdoor activities?

    For private campgrounds, you might check out Woodall's or KOA. For more rustic options, check out ReserveAmerica which shows you campgrounds for national and state campgrounds, plus those on lands run by other government agencies.

    Bear attacks are rare. Statistically, I think you are more likely to be struck by lightening. If you are camping in an area where bears are a problem, there will be signs posted. Established campgrounds will also usually have storage units for you to store all food and other scented items that typically attract bears. Use them if they're in any campground you're staying. Here are some great tips on camping/hiking in bear country.

    I encourage you to use the search function to find more helpful information on these forums, and keep asking questions during your planning so we can help you tweak things so you have a wonderful trip. Enjoy the planning.

    Anything else we can help you with right now?

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