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    Default The Last Great American Roadtrip

    hello guys,
    i am planning a roadtrip for 21 artists. we got a 49 seater prevost tour bus that we will convert into 21 seater fun-bus. we are trying to get our trip sponsored. how do we get our trip to be sponsored and who do you think might be interested? thanks!!
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    Default Sounds like a fun trip!

    People generally get sponsors for trips by contacting businesses/organizations and asking. You should probably have some kind of materials ready to give them, like marketing brochures, etc. explaining the purpose of the trip and what benefit the trip would have to them and why they should financially support you.

    I would think that artistic supplies, galleries, art schools, etc. might be the first types of places you'd contact.

    Just a guess though. This really isn't our area of expertise.

    Good luck with that. I think we'd all love to find sponsors for our trips. If you learn any tricks to getting sponsors, we'd love it if you could share it with us.

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    thank you for the warm reply. we already negotiating sponsor from HBO documentary. i am still trying to figure out and close the deal. if i forget to post an update here, please nudge me!

    we need more suggestions on the fun things we can do on the bus. we had already list down some stuff like yoga session, guided meditation and game hours - to name a few.

    in a perfect world, i would like to call on the community from here to please participate in terms of throwing ideas, suggestions or even participate in this major DIY roadtrip project. we are calling for a better energy policy and all that. coming back from california, we plan to run our bus on biodiesel and we are not an expert on that subject - but we do have supports here and there.

    looking forward for support and encouragement. pray for our safety and if we can meetup any roadtrippers on the way - thatd be ultra cool too!

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    Default We are always glad to help when we can

    Our expertise is more on the trip itself. Things like routing, budgets, travel times, things to see and do, lodging, etc.

    Maybe someone will pop in with ideas for activities, etc. I'm blank on that. I just like listening to music, talk radio, or books-on-tape and enjoying the sights along the road. I'm fascinating by the changing topography, architecture, etc. Onboard entertainment would be an unwanted annoyance to me.

    Kudos on the bio-diesel. Friends that have done cross-country trips driving bio-fueled vehicles have had to do websearches for stations that sell it. I think it's becoming a tad more common but you might still need to do that. Of course, you can mix bio-diesel with regular diesel, if needed, so it's not a tragedy if you can't find bio once in awhile.

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    Default sponsors etc

    Getting a roadtrip "sponsored" is rarely as easy as getting someone to pay your bill. Generally you have to have a very specific way that your roadtrip is going to help or provide something of value to the company that would pay the bill. It sounds like you've got an interesting idea, but you still need to separate what someone would get out of sponsoring your trip, as opposed to any of the thousands of other people who would like "free" money.

    The biodiesel idea is an interesting one, but I will also say that making the trip a political one will also put some different challenges to getting the help you are looking for.

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    thank you for all your support. may i know what is your take on this journey - what do you think it takes for people to help and support these starving artists and their viral art project?
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    Default You have to give people a benefit

    And, if you want bigger sponsors, you have to sell them on how helping you benefits them.

    A friend went to a car show about 2000 miles from her home. Her family had bought three of the same model car from that dealership as she typically turns her cars in every 2-3 years. In addition, they had purchased other cars for other family members there in the last 5-6 years as well. Since they were such good customers, they had a good relationship with this dealership. Because of this, the dealer made large temporary decals with their name and website for the front, back and sides of her car. And paid for part of her gas (I think $200) for her to advertise their dealership.

    I was going to the same car show. This dealership had done some service on my car but I have never bought a car from them. They kinda giggled when I tried to schmooze the same deal.

    So, sometimes it's the relationship you've built that makes the difference.

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    Default Promotion Companies

    Quote Originally Posted by motp View Post
    we are trying to get our trip sponsored.
    A large chunk of my income used to be derived from producing and managing coast-to-coast promotional "road" tours. It never works to think about such a project if you are on "holiday" and looking for sponsorship. No one cares if you have a good time or not. Most contracts are let in 3-6 month segments and if you were to land such a deal -- you would be driving and working in their vehicles and your bus would be parked in a storage lot some place. I can tell you that there are about two dozen firms in the USA that handle about 98% of all the business in America. Such tours are serious "jobs" they can be fun, but you need to be ready to work 16-18 hour days, with one day off more-or-less every 10 days. With the cost of fuel today, the numbers really have to work for firms and I haven't seen any proformas recently that meet that test.

    Pretty much you need to expect to pay for your own expenses and see what the world brings you.


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