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    I am planning to drive to CO from NJ in 2 weeks.

    Which route is preferable...I-70 or I-80 and why? All the online mapping sites say to take I-80. My son is advising me to take I-70. What are the differences between these 2 highways?

    Also, how many miles per day is safe for a single driver? I'm planning to drive 10 hours or 600 miles per day.

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    There really isn't a big difference in distance between the two routes, depending upon where in NJ you are starting from, either one could be shorter. Either way, the total difference will be 50 miles or less, which is nearly irrelevant for a trip of this length (the margin of error, so to speak).

    I-80 has more tolls and less major cities. It bypasses both Cleveland and Chicago (although you can still see significant traffic delays along I-80 near Gary, IN), which leaves Omaha and Des Moines as the major cities that it actually travels through. I-70 would take you through places like Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Kansas City. Those places are a little more likely to see traffic delays, so that's probably why online programs think I-80 would be faster.

    Go the way you think would be more interesting, your travel time shouldn't be that much different either way.

    As far as your 600 mile plan goes, I think you'll be fine. I wouldn't try to push yourself much beyond that level, but 500-600 miles in one day is really about the perfect mix between covering lots of ground without pushing your physical abilities too much.

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    Thanks, Michael. I really appreciate your input.


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