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    My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Boston arriving on the 8th August for two weeks. We are planning staying inj Boston for four nights then hiring a car and travelling up the east coast towards (and maybe past) Portland. From here travelling accross to Montreal or maybe Quebec, then back through Vermont to Boston flying out on the 23rd August. I would love to hear some suggestions/ experiences of similar trips.

    We like Good Food, Scenery, Music and are interested in local culture and customs.

    Should we go to just Montreal or also try and include Quebec? Also should we book accomodation alson the way , I prefer not to if I can with the exception of the cities. But I've never been to the US in August before.

    Looking forward to hearing about your experiences.

    Irish Tripper

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    Default You're in Luck

    Céad Míle Fáilte! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Several of the regular contributors to the discussions here have or still do live in that neck of the woods and have written extensively on it. For the New England (American) portion of your trip, start by having a read through the trips talked about here. for the Canadian portion, Gen has commented extensively on Québec and Montréal, but nowhere better, I think than in a recent discussion. Check out her Part II and Part III in particular.


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    Go raibh maith agat,

    There is some fantastic information there. Hopefully I'll find everything I need once I read through. Many thanks for your help.

    Irish tripper

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    Hi, we RV'd round New England in 06, fantastic!, the east coast route from Boston up through Maine is great, although we came south from Bar Harbor, which we thought was superb, a beautiful place, consider a visit.
    The coastline was lovely, lots of your typical New England towns. we drove through to Maine from the White Mountains in New Hampshire, which again, was a great drive, so good, we are doing again in 2 weeks! enjoy.

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    Default Beef on Weck

    If out in the western part of New York, especially around Buffalo, check out a local delicacy called beef on weck. And remember, chicken wings got their start at the Anchor Inn in Buffalo.

  6. Default Quebec City or Montreal

    Thanks to all who have replied. Some really good info there. Just one question that we are currently debating: Which city would be best for a 2 day visit Montreal or Quebec City?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Boston to Maine

    I live in Massachusetts, and if you're headed north and have time between Boston and Portland, Cape Anne might be worth the visit. The seaside towns of Rockport, Ipswich, and Gloucester are some very interesting, quaint and rocky areas. These towns are about an hour north of Boston.

    In Maine, Kennebunk is a nice town that's just north of Portland (30 minutes?). Many of the nicest spots on the Maine coast lie near Acadia National Park.

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    Default Horses of Different Colors

    I have some, but limited, experience with both cities. As a quick characterization, I'd say that Montréal is your ticket if you're looking for a cosmopolitan city with a lot of eclectic nightlife and daytime buzz, while Québec would suit you more if you're looking for old world charm, a relaxed pace and a sense of place.


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    Default My vote goes to Quebec City

    Which city would be best for a 2 day visit Montreal or Quebec City?
    Definitely Quebec City. We are celebrating the 400th anniversary of the foundation of this beautiful city (Samuel de Champlain 1608) this year, so it would be a shame to miss all the fun. Plus, Quebec City is more interesting aesthetically (sp??) than Montreal in a more traditional/touristy way. Montreal is great, no doubt about it, but Quebec City is different from any other city in North America both for its architecture and its people.

    Don't miss the "Moulin à images", a visual projection of images on the old silos. It starts at 10 p.m. every night. I guess, the best spot to enjoy the show would be on des Remparts street.

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    Default Newport, RI

    Try checking out Newport, Rhode Island on your visit to Boston, it is just 1 hour drive and is a beautiful little town with great food choices and great bayside views. Lawn Tennins hall of fame is there and some huge beautiful Mansions to check out. You can get excellent lobsters in Portland, Maine...if you like seafood.

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