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  1. Default Pacific NW to Canada to Yellowstone to Salt Lake

    I would like to receive some suggestions whether my planning is good:

    Google Map

    Day 1: Arrive in Tacoma, accomodation in Renton
    Day 2: Depart from Renton (WA) to Mount St. Helens and then head to Porland (OR)
    Day 3: Visit Portland then head back to Aberdeen (WA).
    Day 4: From Aberdeen to Olympic National Park (Forks, WA), visit the Park.
    Day 5: Visit the park, then from Forks (WA) to Anacortes via Port Townsend
    Day 6: From Anacortes to Vancouver (CAN), visit Vancouver...
    Day 7: Visit Vancouver, then from Vancouver to Salmon Arm (BC)
    Day 8: From Salmon Arm to Canmore(Banff)... visiting Banff in the meantime.
    Day 9: Visit Banff, then from Canmore to St. Mary (MT)
    Day 10: From St. Mary (MT) to Helena (MT), visiting Glacier National Park.
    Day 11: From Helena to West Yellowstone(WY)
    Day 12: Stay in Yellowstone
    Day 13: Stay in Yellowstone
    Day 14: From Yellowstone to ???
    Day 15: From ??? to Salt Lake City
    Day 16: From Salt Lake to Tacoma (Of course by air....).

    What do you think?
    Any suggestion for the Yellowstone to Salt Lake City intermediate overnight?

    Thank you!


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    Well, it's a lovely part of the US and Canada, and a couple of weeks is enough to sample the great places you'll be passing through. The problem is that there's so much to see and do in that area that if I get started on what you should add, you'd need two months instead of two weeks. The one place where you have asked for specific advice is between Yellowstone and Salt Lake City and what I'd suggest there is a trip down US-89 with an overnight stay somewhere in Western Wyoming between Alpine and Smoot.


  3. Default 16 days is enough?

    So you agree with me that 16 days are enough for visiting the places which I mentioned in my post?
    The driving time is too much or not?
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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