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  1. Default Leaving Vegas for Ohio

    I own a small car and it cannot take steep mountains or big hills, so I need to know the flattest route from Vegas to Northern Ohio. I also need to know to avoid wear and tear and save on fuel.

    What is the best route?

    Would I-10 be a good bet or any southern routes near the coast or Mexico as a general rule flat or is that the wrong assumption?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default Go north.....

    Quote Originally Posted by MakeLikeAtree View Post
    I own a small car and it cannot take steep mountains or big hills, so I need to know the flattest route from Vegas to Northern Ohio.
    If you are starting from Las Vegas, the "flattest" route without question is I-15 to I-80 and east to Ohio. If you go south and you will have more net elevation gain (using either I-40 or I-10) than if you keep the elevation you already have (at Las Vegas) and go north from here.


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    Default 4-cylinder?

    I have driven through steep hills and mountains in caravans with other cars. Some have had small 4-cylinder vehicles and have done just fine. It's true that they have lost some power at higher altitudes but this just means that they are driving a bit slower on the road than some of the rest of us, but not so slow to be a problem. Just stay in the right lane and you should be fine and don't do any extreme maneuvers that require oomph. Thousands of small cars with limited power drive those roads every day without problems.

    Any driving does wear-and-tear to your car. The best way to limit this, and to save fuel as well, is to drive conservatively. No jack-rabbit starts, instead slowly accelerate. Instead of going up to a stop and stomping on the brakes, try to come to a slower stop by anticipating stops ahead and taking your foot off the gas to coast to a stop as much as possible (or at least to coast to where you've slowed down enough that gentle braking is enough to come to a complete stop).

    Conventional wisdom says that keeping your highway speed to no more than about 55mph saves on fuel. Of course, on steep inclines, if your car loses power, you might go slower than that. Just don't go faster than that.

    It's always a good idea before embarking on a roadtrip to get your car fully serviced, i.e. fluids, filters, brakes, hoses, etc. Have your tires checked and inflated to proper levels. To save fuel, it's best to have them inflated to the highest recommended psi, but don't overfill.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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    Default if it's mechanically sound..........

    Then i cannot see that you should have any problems and fully agree with judy about preparing your car for the journey and driving it with a certain amount of "mechanical sympathy". I, in all honesty cannot think of a manufactured car that would not be capable of driving up the steepest of paved roads,although some may take longer than others,lol ;-).

    I find that when going up hill in a smaller engined or heavy vehicle it is important not to hold onto a gear to long if the revs are dropping, or when you change down the vehicle will struggle to stay in it's power band and the revs will continue to fall. So rather than driving in a high gear with your pedal on the floor and losing ground change down a gear and try and maintain a steady speed with the revs in the mid range using half throttle. it should feel smooth and gentle on the engine.

    Have a safe journey!
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