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    I'm a newbie here but I have a few questions about a trip we're hoping to do as part of our honeymoon next year. We are planning to take three weeks off next June and spend the first week in Hawaii, then fly down to San Francisco. After some days there, we want to drive up to Seattle (from where we'll fly back to Sweden). So my question is: is a week a reasonable length of time to take a leisurely drive from SF up to Seattle - will be able to stop off and see the main sights along the way and not feel rushed?

    Sorry if this is a basic question - have only been to the US once, many years ago on a family trip to the East Coast! I just want to get an idea so I can get on with the basic planning - ie flights into the US.



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    Depending on exactly how you go and how much you wander down side roads, it's going to be around 1000 to 1300 miles (1600 to 2100 km) from San Francisco to Seattle. So you'll only have to cover about 200 miles a day (or less), a very relaxed pace. That should give you plenty of time to see the coast, some of the Cascades, and a few of the historic and cultural attractions along the way.


  3. Default A week is reasonable.. but you won't stay long in places

    Hmm.. a week is reasonable I think, but you won't stay long in places.

    My guestimate is based upon a quick itenerary of..

    1- SF to Mendacino/ Fort Bragg

    2- Mendacino/ Fort Bragg to Eureka

    3- Eureka to Brookings (lots of side trips in the Redwoods)

    4- Brookings to mid-Oregon (Cannon Beach, etc)

    5 - Mid Oregon to Astoria, or just into Washington State

    6 - Up through Washington State to NW Corner of WA (possibly to Lake Crescent)

    7 NW Corner of WA through Port Angeles to Seattle via Ferry.

    That's about a week, and the days seem reasonable -- I've done the drive through here in less time.

  4. Default Not too rushed

    Thanks for your help - very useful, and great to know that I am not being unrealistic. 200 miles a day sounds like a decent pace. But I think I will see if I can get a few more days off work so that we have even more time.

    Thank you for the replies!


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