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Thread: What to do NYC?

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    May sound like a stupid question, but, we are in NYC for 2 days only and are staying at Liberty Harbor RV, we have 2 boys, 8 & 6. what will be the most interesting and child friendly things we can do in this short time?
    I have booked to do the Statue of Liberty and Top of the Rock, how good is the American Museum of Natural History? as this has been recommended.
    Also good places to eat, Italian???
    We are from the UK, so need to plan carefully, with the kids and the big kid (me!).
    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The Statue of Liberty is good, but I would also recommend taking a look around Ellis Island. The same ferry stops at both places, and it can be overlooked, but we really enjoyed it during our visit there.

    Some of the other things that I've done during day trips to the city include simply walking around Time Square, Going up to the top of the Empire State Building, Looking at the WTC Site, and taking strolls through Little Italy and Chinatown. Seeing a broadway play (there's usually at least one Disney/kid friendly one) or spending some time in Central Park are also some good ideas that I've haven't fit into my trips. I also haven't been to any of the museums there, so I can't comment on those.

    I think the biggest thing to remember with New York that you can fill your day up faster than you might think. Its also a city where you can really have fun just by looking around and you don't need to fill up every minute of your schedule with a specific activity to have a good time.

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    A friend of mine just came back from a NYC trip, and she told me that the Lower East Side Tenament Museum (hope I got that name right) was a highlight for her. She says the museum bought-up an old apartment building that had been inhabited by immigrants around 1900, and they re-decorated each apartment to look as it would've looked at that time. They researched the actual families who lived there, and each apartment tells the story of the family who lived in it. They've also researched what happened to the families after they left the area -- whether they succeeded or failed in America, where their descendants are today.

    I've not been there myself, but I know I would enjoy it.
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    Thanks guys, the Lower East Side Museum looks fantastic and something I personally would love, we were all immigrants at one time. But alas, not for the kids, maybe in a few years.
    There just seems so much to see and do and 2 days is nowhere near long enough, haven't even got to grips with London and that is only 250 miles away!!
    Going by what you say, maybe too much planning will spoil it, just go with the flow.......
    Thanks again.


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