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    Hello everyone. Hoping someone could help me out. I am planning a relocation trip in August from Florida to NY. I need to find a city near the 95 to stop for an overnight stay. I was considering Fayetteville but have read on some forums that crime is high in that particular city (is that right?). Safety is definitely an issue on this trip. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Where in particular are you starting from and what is your destination? Florida covers an awful lot of ground, as does New York state. Your drive could be as much as 1400 miles or so, which is far more than we recommend that you try to do in two days. In general though, any well-known chain motel along the interstate is going to have a well lit parking lot and secure doors to your room. If safety is a particular concern, then you may want to go to a slightly upscale place that has interior corridors and locked entrances. You can also make a point of parking your car in a highly visible area near the main lobby, perhaps even visible from the front desk.


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    Good morning, Doc,

    With my home state generally considered the midpoint between NY and FL, there are thousands and thousands of motel rooms along the I-95 corridor. You are wise to be aware of security issues but I do not believe the situation is any worse (or better) than anywhere else where the traveling public is targeted by bad guys. The cited security options are good medicine.

    I can't recommend Fayetteville as a stopover point simply because there are essentially no developed motel/fuel/food stops directly on I-95. The principal developed part of Fayetteville is a good 5-7 miles west of 95. If you want to "get away" from the highway on your overnight, fair enough.

    Other NC towns with heavily developed roadside I-95 facilities are, from south to north: Lumberton, Dunn, Benson, Wilson, Rocky Mount/Gold Rock, and Roanoke Rapids.

    Good luck with the move.


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    As a native North Carolinian, I have to apologize to you: You're not going to see our state at its best. You'll see neither our beautiful coasts, nor the rolling hills of our Piedmont, nor the soft blue haze over our mountains. Instead, the area you'll be seeing will be mostly tobacco farms -- poor tobacco farms. Towns are small and poor, gas stations and fast food are far between, and you'll see very little close to the interstate. < comments removed by Moderator >

    Fayetteville not known as one of our finer cities. < unsubstantiated comments removed by Moderators >

    You might want to stop in Dillon or Florence, SC. < unsubstantiated comments removed by Moderators > Lumberton is a little better than Fayetteville. Rocky Mount is a decent town, but it's a little far for a half-way stop.
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