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  1. Default Moving from Minneapolis to Edmonds, WA:road trip!

    My wonderful dog and I will be making a road trip at the end of August as I am moving from Minneapolis to Edmonds, WA, north of Seattle. Looks like we'll use just highways 94 and 90. Any tips?

    It will be just us in my Dodge Magnum. My "stuff" is all going in the moving truck with professional movers.

    I'm pretty comfortable staying at Best Westerns as we go along, and they're dog-friendly, so that looks good. Anybody else have experience traveling alone with their dog in late summer?

    Thanks in advance! Bri

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    Default Welcome, New Neighbor!

    And welcome to the Roadtrip America forum!

    I live in Washington (on the coast) and my aunt lives in Edmonds. I think it's one of the more charming towns within the Greater Seattle area. You should love it. Hopefully you'll have a view of the waterfront and the Sound from where you live and/or work.

    Yup, 94 and 90. And there are lovely views from the interstate so it should be a nice trip for ya. At 1600+ miles, figure 4 days, averaging about 400 miles each day. I think you would be pushing it to do it quicker, especially since you're traveling with a dog as he/she will need time out of the car to run a bit and take care of business. And this is good for you because you'll need to stretch and move yourself.

    This post has some links to places with specific tips on pet travel that you might find helpful.

    Seattle commuter traffic is pretty thick. I hope you work and live close together so you can avoid it as much as possible. If you will be hitting Seattle after about 2-2:30pm on a weekday, I would look for a park or someplace like that for your dog to stop and play for awhile, have a bite to eat, and wait until after about 6:30 or so before heading into the metro area. After a long trip, there would be nothing worse than sitting in traffic for several hours for the last leg of the trip, imho. This is especially true if you hit there on a Friday.

    Where there some other types of tips you were especially needing?

    When you get settled in and want to explore your new state, come on back here and let me help you out!

  3. Default Thanks, Judy! Five days...

    Hi Judy,

    I've been thinking I'd take four overnights and five days to do the 1600-plus mile trip, and take longer if we need to.

    I've spent a good bit of time in Edmonds in the past couple of months and have driven between Seattle and Edmonds at various times of day and days of the week/weekend days,so I'm getting a feel for the traffic patterns too.

    What I'm hoping for in the way of "tips"is probably more like cheerleading. You know, "You can do it, girl!" and "Traveling cross-country alone with your dog is not so hard!"

    I can't wait, really.

    Have been promising her that soon she'll be able to see the ocean. That will be a first!

    Thanks for your good post.


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    Default "You CAN do it, Girl!"

    "Traveling cross-country alone with your dog is not so hard!"

    And it should be a heckuva lot of fun, too!

    (Does that help? LOL)

    With five days, it should be rather relaxing and will give both you and your dog plenty of time out of the car to play and explore.

    In addition to Best Western, you might confirm which of the other chains generally allow dogs. Since I would imagine most chains have a presence in Minneapolis, you might then pick up their free guidebooks to their properties before you leave. If you're a member of AAA, you could also get their free guides for the areas you're traveling through including their lodging guides. Most chain locations are listed in their guide so it would eliminate the need to have multiple lodging guides.

    One of the easiest ways to find interesting stops along your route is the online mapping tool by AAA. You don't have to be a member to use it. If you zoom close enough (usually about city level), it will show you on the map all the attractions in the area. Also lodging, restaurants, services, etc. Very handy. You might take it for a spin.

    Just a few ideas are:
    * Theodore Roosevelt NP & Little Missouri National Grassland in western North Dakota
    * Pompey's Pillar just before Billings, MT. You might also want to detour south here to visit the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument & Reno-Benteen Memorial
    * With the time you have, and since you are flexible and can add extra days, you might want to consider going through Yellowstone NP. Of course, you will be very limited in your activities with your dog along. But you could still drive through and take in the scenery. If it isn't too hot for the dog to wait in the car for short periods, you could make short stops here-and-there.
    * About 15-20 miles before Big Timber, MT, is Greycliff Prairie Dogtown State Park with a big prairie dog village
    * Museum of the Rockies, Bozeman, MT
    * Near Three Forks, MT, is the Missouri Headwaters State Park
    * Near Cardwell, MT, is Lewis & Clark Caverns
    * Just a couple of the interesting things in Butte are: Our Lady of the Rockies and the Copper King Mansion
    * There's quite a few cool things near Deer Lodge, MT: Grant-Kohrs Ranch, Old Montana Prison, Frontier Montana Museum, and more
    * Enjoy the Lolo National Forest in Idaho and Coeur d'Alene's Old Mission State Park. The towns of Kellogg and Wallace would make an interesting stop. And the city and lake at Coeur d'Alene are also a nice place to plan a stop.
    * Spokane's Riverfront Park is very charming with lots of innovative art that would make it an interesting walk with the dog.
    * Moses Lake, WA, has a nice lake and parks
    * Gingko Petrified Forest & Wanapum State Parks near Vantage, WA, would also be a good place to stretch your legs
    * When going over Snoqualmie Pass, there are several lakes like Lake Kachess and Lake Easton, and a few other recreational places for you and puppy to play in.

    I tried to suggest things that, for the most part, would be OK for your dog to enjoy. This isn't a definitive list but it should get you started.

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