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    Default Creating Multi-Routes with Google Maps

    Google Map Guidelines for the Day Trip from…. Series on RTA
    {This tutorial was adopted from the RTA Contributing Writers Group}

    1. Go to Click on “my maps” tab. Click on “create new map.” (Note: you will need to have a Google account to create a map – setting up an account is easy and free)

    2. Click on U.S. map or use zoom bar on left of map until map is enlarged to where you need it. Generally zoom in so that the viewing screen only includes the area of your intended map. Placing your starting city in the center of the map.

    3. On the left of page click on “title” box and type in title. In “description box” type in description. The title should be a description of that route. (e.g.: “Las Vegas to Valley of Fire State Park”). The description text should provide the total mileage (Google Maps keeps track of this for you) and some short text about what can be seen on the route. There is a privacy setting option: Public or Private. Set this for Public.

    4. On the map to the right of the zoom bar are four icons. Click on third icon - “draw a line.” (This will generate an “X” icon.)

    5. Move “X” to starting destination. Click to draw line, double click to finish line. A “description” window will pop up.

    6. Type a “title” in title box and “description” in description box.

    7. Double click on blue line located in top right. “Edit line style” appears. Click on “line” color and color pallet appears. Pick the color for your line, then click OK.

    8. Click “placemark” icon. Move to proper location on map and click to add placemark to map. Again “description” box pops up. Follow same directions as above.

    9. To change the placemark with different shape or color, click the placemark icon in box at top right. Several colored placemarks and other icons will appear. Click on the one you want, then click OK.

    10. If you want to change line colors or placemarks, go to left of map and clink on line or placemark. The description box for that item will pop up and allow you to make changes.

    11. We suggest that you save your work as you go.

    12. When map is complete, click “done.” We find it easier to build the map in “Map” style than in the satellite or terrain modes.

    13. Go to “link this page” at right above map. You will see two link formats, using your cursor select the “Paste link in email or IM” and copy this link for use on this Forum.

    In our experience, it takes 1-2 hours to complete a map for the six routes, depending upon how many point of interest you place on the map and how experienced you are with this tool.

    One of the tools that can be added to these maps are collaborative widgets, but for the time being, we probably won’t be adding this kind of feature.

    Correcting mistakes in the route, can be done in a variety of ways – look for the “edit” links, generally we find that simply deleting a line, can be the easiest way and re-entering it. The interest points can be moved easily as well.

    Document Authors:
    Peter Thody (04/26/08)
    Anne Sponholtz (05/31/08)
    Mark Sedenquist (06/01/08)

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    Default Oh, thanks for this!

    I love GoogleMaps and see lots of potential for using that tool here and for personal use. However, I tend to get frustrated with it. I think this will be a big help to me. Much appreciated.

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    Default New updates to these instructions

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