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    My 3 teens and myself....the mom.... are driving to Denver from Vancouver BC, round trip 7 days . Is this possible? We would like to camp one night in Moab. DO we need reservations in Moab? and what about camping along the way? Is it straightforward? Doable??? We would love great suggestions on swimming lakes along the way and good cheap healthy eating places!!!! We like off the beaten paths and scenic routes but need torealistic as we need to be in Denver(actually Leadville) on July 26 in the early morning so leaving July 22 gives us 4 days to get there. Any info would be great like where we should plan our nights/ and realistic destination.
    Thank you, Anne

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A round trip from Vancouver to Denver in 7 days is certainly possible, and can be pretty straightforward.

    Looking at what would be most straightforward, I'd be looking at camping at Lake Owyhee State Park which would be about halfway and seem to fit the criteria that you are looking for. Its first come first serve, its a bit off the beaten path, and its along water.

    That would get you to Moab at the end of day 2. There is a lot of camping options in the area, but since it would likely be at the end of the day when you arrive, you might want to see about making reservations.

    Getting to Denver would not be a problem for the 26th, but if you've only got 7 days for this trip total, my concern might be getting back in time. If you spend one full day in Denver, that only leaves you 2 days go get back, and its really a greater distance that we'd recommend for a 2 day trip. 2.5-3 days would really be much better.

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