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  1. Default From NYC to LA in November

    Hey! I'm moving from NYC to LA in November. I want to leave in mid-November (preferably the 13th) and want to give myself a week to get out there so I can take it slow. I'm also taking mini detours through random states, so the route isn't really direct across the country. I'll be going through NY, NJ, PA, MD, WV, KY, TN, AL, MS, AR, MO, KS, OK, TX, NM, AZ and CA.

    I've never really been to the south or midwest before and I wasn't scared about it, but then I read a bunch of websites that say to have caution while traveling through those areas because people will steal your car or things in your car, and "murder" you?? (Yes, the person in one post actually said that!!!) I'll be staying mainly at chain hotels in/around cities, and find it hard to believe that there are thieves and murderers lurking in busy parking lots. And I mean... I'm from NYC! I'd like to think I'm tough enough for the midwest?

    Here is my rough, first draft itinerary...

    DAY 1- from NY to Morgantown WV, stay at Best Western
    DAY 2- from WV to Chattanooga TN, stay at Fairfield Inn Marriott
    DAY 3- from TN to Little Rock AR, stay at La Quinta Inn
    DAY 4- from AR to Oklahoma City OK, stay at Comfort Inn
    DAY 5- from OK to Albuquerque NM, stay at Suburban Extended Stay
    DAY 6- from NM to Flagstaff AZ, stay at Radisson Woodlands Hotel
    DAY 7- from AZ to Los Angeles CA

    How does that sound? I've never done a real road trip before. Earlier this year, a friend and I drove from Denver to Nebraska, going through Wyoming, but it was a day trip. It wasn't too intense. I'll be traveling alone this time, too, and as a 23 year old female, is that a scary thing? Like I said, I'm from NYC and have lived in some pretty sketchy places! And I'll only be driving during the day, roughly 8-10 hours a day.

    What are some hints and pointers you can offer to this newbie? THANKS!

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    Default you won't find that here

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm not sure where you heard or read those horror stories, but I assure you, you wouldn't find it on this site. We welcome first-hand reports, but don't allow such rumor and fear-mongering on the forum. I'll also tell you the exact same things people are saying about the south and the midwest, have been said about New York City or other urban areas. Every place has crime, and if you advertise yourself as a tourist, you might have a slightly higher risk for petty crime. The key is to use common sense (lock your doors, keep valuables out of site, etc) and to respect the locals and their traditions. Not only will that advice keep you safer, you're also more likely to have a much more interesting trip that way.

    Traveling as solo, especially as a female, can be worrysome, but it can also be perfectly safe. I suggest you read this article and some of our thread like this one or this one.

  3. Default Thanks!

    I did a google search of cross country road trips and the first thing I found was a post by a woman saying to "keep a bible with you AT ALL TIMES" and "there is a VERY big chance of MURDER" and "cover up your license plate so no one knows where you're from" ... the list of crazy went on and on. I kind of rolled my eyes, but then after reading more accounts from people who were equally crazy/scared I started to wonder if remote areas are really that dangerous! When my friend and I were in Wyoming and Nebraska earlier this year, we were in some pretty remote locations, such as tiny towns with nothing but a diner and a gas station, and we never once thought to be worried so that's why I was wondering if these people I was reading accounts from online were just nuts!

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    Default bored and an over-active imagination

    I think that the person who posted those other stories on the Web was a) bored b)silly and c)bored with an over-active imagination. I've completed about 1,000,000 miles of roadtripping in America -- and I can count on one hand the number of times I have ever been worried about criminal encounters on the road.


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