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  1. Default belgians hitting the road ?

    me and a friend are planning to cross the ocean,4000 miles away from home (belgium to be exactly) to hit the road.
    in 3 weeks we'll try to get from NY to Florida.
    this will be next summer '09.
    so we still have (much) time to prepare our trip.

    as we both have never bin in the states,we have no idea what to expect.
    which is also the reason we take a lot of time to prepare.
    but we'll try to explore as much as we can.
    and take the time to experience a different culture.

    we'll probably stop by in.

    NY,Philadelphia,Washington D.C.,Raleigh,Charlotte,charleston,Savannah,Jackson ville,Orlando,Tampa,Miami.
    and maybe several other city's or small towns.
    it all depends on it.

    this looks like the right place for me to get a few tips ?
    either which city's are worth to visit or even city's,roads and places we should better avoid ?
    i suppose NY to D.C. has a very good road connection ? (if i have to believe google maps. ;))
    experiences from other people are very welcome. :)

    a (belgian) waffle.

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    Default Oh, how I love Belgian waffles!

    So your name made me chuckle, Waffle. Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums.

    Your trip is very do-able in three weeks and will give you time to explore along the way. There are good, connecting roads throughout the US, particularly in the East, so you won't have any problem driving wherever you decide to go (including the DC to NYC leg). Congestion can definitely be an issue but this is the place to get tips on what roads to take, which to avoid, and what times it's best to tackle certain stretches of road to avoid as much congestion as possible.

    I would encourage you to start out by reading the articles in our International Visitors section.

    One of the biggest issues for you will be your car rental. If you're age 25 or older, this won't be a problem. Under 25 you will have extra fees that can get quite pricey. Also, several international visitors have told us that they get better rates on car rentals if they book via an agent in their own country instead of booking via internet. So you will want to check into that and compare prices. When you check out prices on the internet, be sure and put that you're from Belgium in the information because international visitors also get better rates than we do in our own country.

    You might also want to review some of the previous discussions we have had about this area and some roadtrip reports. Some of the best are:

    AZBuck's trip from the southern states to Maine. While some of this trip is outside the area you're traveling, much of it does include the areas you're going and I'm sure you'll get some great ideas in it.

    This excellent overview about traveling from Miami to NYC by Foy.

    Delaware, the Carolinas, and More

    And these ideas that cover Massachussetts to Florida.

    Of course, there are many other discussions here that might be helpful. I encourage you to learn how to use the search feature for these forums.

    Another thing you need to understand is that the estimated travel times online mapping programs gives you is usually very optimistic. They don't allow for traffic congestion, stops for fuel/food/rest, and such. On the East Coast, we generally agree that someone should use 53mph as an average guide to determine travel time. This doesn't allow time for extended stops for sightseeing and exploring but it does allow time for the congestion and fuel/food breaks. Many people get tripped up thinking they can cover many more miles than is really possible by relying on those programs. But they are very good for route-planning.

    I'm not familiar enough with that part of the country to give you many recommendations so I'll leave that to others. I suggest you pour over good maps of that area of the States, read my suggestions and more, and enjoy the planning process. And we will help advise you as best we can to help you plan a fantastic trip.

    Happy planning!

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    thank you for the information,
    we will take our time to gather as much info as required,and also read other people their trip reports.

    my age is 22 (jeej i legally can buy a beer!),my friends age is 28.
    so i suppose that won't be a problem.

    besides visiting the more larger city's,we try to get a view of the country side.
    there's also a chance if we meet other people we maybe have the opportunity to couch surf/stay over.
    i'm pretty sure we will meet lot's of new people,well at least that's what we hope so.
    i'm sure we won't be the only road trippin' foreigners at all. ;)

    thank you,

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    Default Instead of Charlotte...

    Unless you absolutely have to go to Charlotte, you might want to consider a trip down the North Carolina coast. The Outer Banks and Cape Hatteras is a great ride, plus historical, Then, there's the great port city of Wilmington, Calabash, and Myrtle Beach, SC.

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    This sounds awesome waffle! Love if I could get it together like you guys are.
    I've done a couple of small scale road trips now, mostly across Europe but like yourselves I'm planning on doing a biggie out in the states.

    Thought I'd help you a bit with this website that's been giving me tips and stuff where to go. It's called worldreviewer and I've put the link here for America but it's got a couple of road trips on there too. It's good cos its actual experiences so they're not selling you stuff and I've nearly planned my route from the site alone!

    Happy driving though!

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