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    Default Cheapest Rental Cars

    Hi guys, I'm new here, just read over a all the threads in this section to make sure I didn't miss anything before I started posting.

    My basic question here is about rental cars. A German and an Austrian friend are flying in to do this cross country tour. We are planning on renting a car, leaving from MD and ending in Seattle, where I will live with a friend for a month or two, then hopefully work long enough to get a plane ticket back. We have 1 and a half weeks for this.

    Would you guys happen to know what is the cheapest place/special deals for renting a car for this? I tried driveaway, but nobody in my area (DC) had anything up. I would take my car, but I don't plan on making the return trip alone.

    Also, would it be cheaper generally to put on more miles and drive roundtrip, so I can return it to the same place?

    Thanks for any tips, this place has been a lifesaver so far.
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    Default No one answer

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Yes, for renting a car, it would be cheaper to rent round trip. If you do a one way rental, a drop off fee is pretty much standard. I would say its pretty much a sure thing that you'd pay at least a couple hundred dollars for a drop fee for a one way trip like this.

    One other option you might look at doing: drive your car out to Washington and then ship it back. Or a slightly more extreme option would be to drive your car for the one way trip, and then sell it at some point before you fly home. Then buy a new car once you return.

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    Thanks for the quick reply! I will look into that as well, way too poor to buy a new car though at the moment.

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    Default Another way of saving?

    For some reason, many hire firms offer considerably better rates to people booking from outside the States so it could be worthwhile asking your German/Austrian friends to look up prices from their end.

    Oh, and another thing - get them to include Alamo when they're getting prices. I recently saved the equivalent of $400 because the program is throwing in the Full Collision Damage Waiver and Extended Protection at no charge. They may have fixed this (or, quite possibly, it was only ever available on the UK site - at the risk of national stereotyping I'd imagine the Germans would be too efficient to make such a mistake) but it's certainly worth them checking.

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