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    I am an English Student studying in London. For a while now it has been an ambition to travel across America after Uni. Unfortunately for me, I read On The Road by Jack Kerouac, and have subsequently become obsessed with the idea! One chapter starts with Sal and Dean managing to get a car that a person needed driving to Chicago from San Fran for them, as they needed to get to Chicago quickly, and had to fly back. Is it still possible to do this? are there companies in major cities that do this?
    Another question, is it still possible to jump on freight trains as a form of free transport?
    Thanks, and many regards

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    Default your own

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    As much fun as a book can make a trip sound, If you want to travel across the US, I would encourage you to build your own plan on not try to recreate something you have read. There's nothing wrong with books, but what makes a roadtrip great is having your own experience. I think trying to have "someone elses" experience would detract from that - as you'd be so focused on looking for specifics to recreate, you can easily miss the new, unique experiences that would make the trip your own.

    Having said that, I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for with your questions. You can certainly rent a car from Chicago to San Francisco and Fly back, although it might not be cheap - especially if you are under age 25.

    Jumping on freight trains is not a safe way to travel. Its illegal and dangerous.

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    Perhaps I was unclear, I was definatley planning my own trip, it was just that On The Road Is an inspiration for my ambition. I have no doubt that I want to have my own experiences and adventures.

    My real question was whether there are companies which arrange for a persons car being driven back to their own abode. For example:

    Mr A needs to go to LA, and as he has time decides to drive there from Chicago. Mr A then decides he needs to fly back to Chicago as he needs to be back there quickly and thus needs someone to drive his car back to Chicago for him.

    Are there companies that arrange this, or is this ever done?


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    Default Driveaway Companies

    There are about a dozen such firms operating in the USA. They would take a dim view of anyone who abused cars in the way that Jack Kerouac supposedly did. Here is information about Driveway options.

    And here is a little more info as well.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sedenquist View Post
    They would take a dim view of anyone who abused cars in the way that Jack Kerouac supposedly did.
    Thanks very much for the information, but can I ask, do you not like on the road, you take a very dim view of something i believe to be an inspiration for many travellers. Like i said before, I don't plan to replicate his actions or his trip!
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    Default It's enjoyable as a work of fiction

    Jack Kerouac was a fiction writer -- he no more did the things in that book than I traveled to Mars last week. But I agree, his book "On the Road" was an amusing tale.


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    Default Inspiration?

    I actually got more inspiration from "Travels with Charley" by John Steinbeck. But, then again, I love my dog so maybe that explains that, eh? :)

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