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    Default Should I fly or attempt a Road Trip...newbie

    Hi everyone. We are planning to take a vacation next month and are trying to decide if we can do a road trip from PA to NV or even to CA in 9 days. I have been to Las Vegas and Hollywood many times and San Francisco one time. I really want to see the Grand Canyon, Hoover Damn, Lake Mead, Colorado mountains, or go to AZ and see scenery there, I won't be disappointed if I can't fit CA in. I will be traveling with my husband and two boys who are 12 and 10 so I want it to be a very fun trip for them. Everyone wants to fly like we always do but I was thinking what an experience it would be to just drive and do whatever on the way. The problem is taking Route 80, at least half of the way out, I don't have any interest in some of the states in the beginning of the trip such as Ohio, Iowa or Nebraska.
    Any suggestions..should I just fly into Phoenix or Las Vegas and rent a car for a week?

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    Default time is not on your side

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you only have 9 days for this trip, you really don't have time to do a cross country trip. By the time you reached your destination, you'd have to turn around and drive straight back home. I'd also say that if you are dismissing the "flyover states" as not catching your interest, you might not really be in the right mindset for a cross country roadtrip anyway.

    I think you really are in a situation where a fly and drive type trip would work best for you. You certainly could see many of the things you say you want to see, and still have the fun elements of a roadtrip at your disposal.

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    Default Road Trip from Las Vegas out to 17 Mile Drive.

    Hello, Ok I have my plans in order and would like some suggestions, advice or places we should definatly at at or see.

    we are flying into Vegas, staying by the airport the first night because we get in late, then getting up early driving to Hoover Dam, then to Grand Canyon, then back to Vegas to stay one or two nights. My sons want to stay at the Luxor, I was thinking we would for 1 night then stay in the center of the strip the 2nd night, I was thinking Ceasar's? We have stayed at the Harrah's and Imperial Palace many times before. Any thoughts on a 4 star hotel in the center?

    Then we are driving to Area 51 then straight from there to San Francisco to spend 1 night in the city, hopefully I can get a good rate at Parc 55, we stayed there before and loved it, if not any suggestions?

    Then from there we are going to the 17 mile drive, I have never done this or been out that way, we plan to stay in Monterey, CA somewhere, any suggestions?

    I would love ideas on where to eat, my one son loves pizza so we are going to Blondies in San Fran again...would love some other thoughts on Diners, hot dog places, pizza places, etc. My hubby loves to eat and get tshirts when we travel.

    I will be traveling with my husband and two boys ages 10,11.
    Thanks in advance

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    Default timetable

    I'm a little confused by your timetable. Are you planning to go from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and back in one day? Are you also planning to get from Vegas to San Francisco via Area 51 in one day? Both of those would be very grueling trips, and are really more than you can do in one day.

    Otherwise, if you want to stay at the Luxor for 1 night, I think I would do that your first night. Since its on the south end of the strip, its still pretty close to the airport, and that would save you the trouble of repacking up all your luggage, moving between hotels, and having to store your baggage between the checkout time of one place and the check in time of the next.

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    Default My timetable

    Hi Michael,
    I have 9 days and I am flying into Las Vegas at night, so I thought staying by the airport so I can get up early and head to Hoover Dam.

    Day 1 would be Hoover Dam, drive to Grand Canyon, spend the night
    Day 2 Visit Grand Canyon again and then head back to Vegas in the afternoon
    Day 3 spend night in Vegas
    Day 4 spend night in Vegas
    Day 5 Drive to Area 51 and at least more than half way to San Fran, it says almost 11 hours from Area 51, I have to figure out where to stay half way.
    Day 6 spend night in San Francisco
    Day 7 17 mile drive, spend night in Monterey
    Day 7 Visit more of the 17 mile drive, pebble beach, etc, head back to Vegas that night
    Day 8 stay more than half way to Vegas
    Day 9 Spend last night in Vegas, go home in morning

    do you think this all sounds good?

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