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    We're visiting friends in Columbia County NY this summer and wanted to get some new ideas for grate road trips within a 2-3 hour range. We've been to FDR's Library Museum and toured Hyde Park and Bash Bish Falls a number of times. We've done a trip to the Northwest corner of Connecticut to see a small Museum about local Native Americans and a nature center. We wanted to try a few new trips this year. Any suggestions are apprecaited. W ehave two children ages 8 & 11.

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Am I right in deducing you are from the Midwest?

    If I've checked my resources correctly, that county is roughly from I-90 south to NY-199, and from the Hudson River to the MA state line.

    Have you ever been to the top of Mount Greylock in Massachusetts (the state's highest point - you can drive to the top)?
    The Mohawk Trail?

    How about locations in Southern Vermont, such as Bennington?

    Or even in New York, heading into the Catskills region?

    What type of activities are the members of your family into? With a better idea of what everybody in the party enjoys, we'll be able to make better suggestions.

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    I have been to Mt. Greylock but it was a long time ago, I'm sure the family would enjoy that. Good suggestion. We love nature, history, museums and sports (we have thought about Cooperstown before but weren't sure what kind of a drive it was). My son is also a fishing enthusiast.

    BTW, we're form the Eastcoast, not the Midwest!

    Thank you

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