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    I am planning a solo 2 week road trip to the Western National parks from San Francisco. I plan to rent a car so as to not put mile on my vehicle (though the prices quoted for a two week rental are ranging around $800+). Below is my itinerary. I have a few questions but would appreciate any suggestions/advice.

    Aug 25 to Sacramento (stay with family)
    Aug 25 to Salt Lake City (8.5 hrs?)
    Aug 26 to West Yellowstone
    Aug 27 visit Yellowstone NP
    Aug 28 to Moab UT (15 hrs?)
    Aug 29-30 Arches NP
    Aug 31 To Kenab Ut
    Sep 1-2 Zion & Brice Canyon NP
    Sep 3 to Arizona (?)
    Sept 4-5 Visit Grand Canyon NP
    Sept 6 to Bakersfield CA
    Sept 7 To SF

    I have lodging for most of the stays but do not yet have any for Salt Lake City & N. Arizona. Since I am traveling alone, I am hosteling or staying at inexpensive motels (<$50). Any suggestions for lodging near Grand Canyon? I am wondering if I should just stay in Kenab Ut and come to the NP for the two days. Any scenic points I should not miss?

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I might make a few minor changes. First, instead of going all the way to SLC on your way to Yellowstone, I'd cut up to Twin Lake, Idaho. Its a little more direct and would save you some time. It would also make for a good place to stop for the night. It would also save you some backtracking, if you take the fastest route from Yellowstone to Moab (via Salt Lake City). The trip from Yellowstone to Moab could be much more manageable, in the 8-10 hour range - and would give you time to stop in Salt Lake if you want.

    Between Moab and Kanab, you've got a number of options, but I'm not sure I'd use it as a base for Bryce and Zion. I think it would be easier just to find lodging closer to each park.

    With the Grand Canyon, I think you need to figure out which side (north or south rim) you are going to visit. Kanab again would be a pretty long way to commute to even the north rim. For the south rim, Williams is a good spot to find cheap lodging, about an hour south of the park.

    Having said all of that, I think you've got some excellent building blocks to have a great trip, and none of the things I've talked about would be the difference between a good and a bad trip, just some tweeks that might make things a little easier.

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    Hello Michael:

    Thanks for the suggestions. Twin Falls in ID is more direct.

    I had planned to check out the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, however lodging optionas are limited. I will check out lodging in Williams AZ.


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