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  1. Default Minneapolis to Portland w/ a small trailer, Hwy 12??

    I am moving my son to Portland the last part of August. By the map it looks like from Mpls I would have go north to #94 or south to #90, or (and here is my big ?) how about Hwy 12 going pretty much straight west and running into #94 in Miles City, MT. I would appreciate any suggestions - we would like the trip to be scenic but we do need to make it there in 2 1/2 days.


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    Default Your son is gonna love Portland!

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums.

    This is your quickest route according to Google Maps. It's 1,730 miles. If you only have 2.5 days to make this trip, you need to take the quickest route. It is quite scenic so you won't be slighted that way at all. Unfortunately, you're going to have to zip past all the scenic vistas and won't be able to stop and explore. But you will definitely see beautiful stuff through the car windows.

    You will be doing what we call a speed run. Read up on some tips to make this trip as safely as possible. It's going to be a real challenge to travel this distance in 2.5 days. Anyway you can add, at minimum, another half day? Preferably another full day? We generally recommend that people limit their driving to about 550 miles per day at the most.

    Best wishes.

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    Default Us-12

    US-12 is a little more direct, but it would take a whole lot more time. You'd only save about 50 miles vs I-94, but there are lots of small towns that would slow you down along the way. I'd estimate the US-12 option would take at least a few more hours.

    I'm in agreement with Judy, if you've only got 2.5 days, you're already going to be pushing your limits. This would be a challenge in good conditions, but you're going to be pulling a trailer which will make this even more difficult. You need to go the fastest possible way you can, and that would be I-94, and I agree, if at all possible, you should look at giving yourself more time.

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    Thanks so much!

    So far we are thinking on spending the 1st night in Medora, ND - this is about 550 miles from our starting point, which is good because we can't leave til' noon that day. Day 2 is our speedy day and we would like to make it to one of the towns between Missoula and Spokane, we were hoping you could suggest where to stay that night. I know this is about 10 - 11 hours of driving but we do have 3 drivers.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks Again!

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    Default better estimate

    I think getting to Western North Dakota is pretty feasable if you leave at noon. Dickenson may have a couple more lodging options than Medora, though.

    The second day, I think Missoula really is really a good place to aim for. That is already 650+ miles, and will likely put you on the road for close to 12 hours. It would also put you in line for a pretty comfortable last day of around 9 hours on the road. There isn't much for major cities again until you get to Couer D'Alene, and that would push you well up over 800 miles which is a pretty brutal day on the road (14+ hours). It would make for ashort 3rd day, but its generally better to try and keep a more steady pace when you are trying to cover these kinds of distances.

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