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    Hello, We are traveling to Rotunda West in Florida from Cleveland. We will have 10 yr old twin boys with us. I'm looking for any help with fun things to do once we get there, cheaper places to stay over night on the way. Any money saving tips are always helpful with these gas prices!! Anything we shouldn't miss on the way, too, would be fun.
    Thanks so much! Looking forward to your suggestions!

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    Default How much time do you have for the drive?

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    If this is a quick trip down, you might want to take a route similar to this one. You could do this in two long days of driving but this won't leave a lot of time for stopping and exploring along the way. Of course, the fastest route isn't necessarily the best or most scenic. It's difficult to know what to suggest without knowing your timeframe.

    Ways to save money:
    * Eat out of your cooler
    * Utilize any discounts you might have available to you through various memberships like credit unions, AAA, credit card travel benefits, etc. The Entertainment book is worth it for some people, especially if you will use the local discounts throughout the year.
    * Stop at visitor centers, particularly those at state lines, to pick up the discount books they usually have for hotels, restaurants, and attractions.
    * Hotels often have better prices if you reserve via the internet. If you don't want to lock yourself into having to be someplace on a particular night, is it possible to have someone you can call during the day, once you have determined about where you will be stopping for the night, to make your reservation for you via internet? If so, this can often save you about 5-15%.

    Hopefully someone with more knowledge of the areas you're traveling through will be able to give you more specific tips. I encourage you to use the search feature (in green bar above) to search for discussions about some of the roads and locations you'll be driving through for some ideas.

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    Thank you!

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