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  1. Default Moving from Washington state to Houston TX

    Hello all

    Im moving from Pullman WA to Houston TX. I was wondering the best route to take

    1) Through Boise - Salt Lake City - Phoenix - San Antonio - Houston (or)
    2) Through Billings - Denver - Oklahoma City - Dallas - Houston

    I wish to do so in about 4 days as I most likely will be traveling alone.


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    Default option 3

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I really wouldn't choose either of those 2 options, but rather the middle ground. I'd go to Salt Lake first, then over to Denver, through Kansas and then down through Wichita, OKC, and Dallas. At 2400+ miles, you'll already have to be on the road for 10+ hours a day to cover this ground, which is really the top end of what we can recommend for a solo traveler.

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