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    Hello, newbie here. :)

    I am driving my son and I to Disney the very last week of August. We are leaving from Rockland County, NY. I am a little nervous since it will be only me driving, but I am sure I can hack it.

    Here is my plan:

    Get out of the house at 6am and drive until dinner-time-ish. This of course depends on how tired I get, but I am hoping to make it to Savannah. Is this unrealistic? It would be ideal since the next day I would only have a 4-5 hour drive. I really want to make day two as short as possible.

    Also the more I google the more I see people complaining about I-95. It would be very easy to stay on one road most of the trip. We are leaving on a Saturday, and if I leave early enough I should get through the DC area unscathed, yes? Is there a time I should leave that would be more helpful?

    Any ideas/tips/suggestions/advice more than welcome. Thanks so much!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Nyak to Savannah is over 830 miles. It is totally unrealistic to make that in one day. You might be able to make 600 miles (Fayetteville, NC), but even that would be pushing it. It would leave you almost no time out of the car other than for fuel, restroom and meal breaks. As you're finding out, you're going to be travelling through some of the most congested regions in the country. To have any reasonable chance of being south of Washington before traffic really starts to pick up, you'd have to leave home at about 1:30 AM and not stop until you were well into Virginia. Sorry to rain on your parade, but you need to realize what it is you're going to be undertaking, and at best this drive is going to take you two full working days.


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    When you say working days do you mean week days? We do not check into our hotel in Orlando until August 24. Strange, I've read in many places people have made it to Savannah on the first day. I've done the trip before, just not with me being the driver. I definitely can't leave at 1:30 am -- I would fall asleep driving, which would not be fun! So I would still run into major congestion in DC on a Saturday? Is there a good alternative to I95 that would be easy enough to do?

    Thanks for your help.

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    By working days, I mean that making this drive is going to be work and should be treated as such. As to how far you can drive in a day, to some extent - but only to some extent - that is up to you. Like almost all of the other regular contributors to these forums, I have driven 800, even 1000 mile days. I do not recommend it! And that is before the added consideration of having your son in the car with you. It is grueling work to drive that far and by the end of it you will be tired, irritable and unsafe. Yes traffic on I-95 will be bad even on a Saturday. Many people, like you, will be headed out to have one last holiday before summer ends. Truckers now have to keep their rigs on the road pretty much 7 days a week to have a chance to break even.

    You can avoid most of I-95 by taking I-78 to Harrisburg, I-81 to southeastern Virginia, and I-77/I-26 Through Charlotte and Columbia to rejoin I-95 in South Carolina. That adds about 80 miles to your drive, but would be a bit more scenic and less congested. But as before, my main piece of advice is to not bite off more than you can chew. Take two full days for the drive, and don't plan on covering more than 550 miles or so a day. Enjoy the drive. Your son will thank you.


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    glad I found this again.

    out trip was planned for 8/23 and I wanted us to get there in the afternoon on the 24th. everything worked out perfectly. I left at 5am from NY, got to Savannah at 7:30 in the evening. since we made such good time we slept in and had a nice breakfast, ended up getting to Orlando by 2pm. seriously, it couldn't have worked out better. I'm glad I didn't take your advice.

    oh, and my son had an excellent time, and he DID thank me... :)

    thanks anyway. peace.
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