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  1. Default San Francisco to Las Vegas (via route 1)

    Hi there,

    We're planning a road trip from San Francisco along the Coast in August (stopping off in Santa Cruz, Moneterey, San Louis Obispo, Santa barbara) to San Diego and then onto Las Vegas

    We are four Irish males in our mid - 20's..we're renting a ford explorer for the trip and looking forward to road tripping.I'm just wondering what there is to do in the places below (or places to stay) ? Ideally we want to camp 1 night at least in a state park also.

    Our rough plan is below: (we are flying back to san fran on the 31st and have week to chill before going back to Ireland)

    Mon 18th San Francisco
    Tues 19th santa cruz
    Wed 20th san luis obisbo
    Thurs 21st santa barbara
    Fri 22nd santa barbara
    Sat 23rd Los Angeles
    Sun 24th san diego
    Mon 25th san diego
    Tues 26th san diego

    we are spending wed and thurs night in the MGM grand and then 2 days in nights in Circus Circus to cut costs!

    Wed 27th Vegas
    Thurs 28th Vegas
    Fri 29th Vegas
    Sat 30th Vegas
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    Default some thoughts

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think the outline of your plan is fine, you're giving yourself enough time to see plenty of things along the way. The coastal route is discussed extensively on this forum, with some of the threads found here being our favorites. You might also look at this thread for ideas when you head back north to Vegas. And if you are just looking to hang out on the beach, this post will serve as a nice guide.

    I'm curious about your camping plans. There certainly is nothing wrong with camping, but if you are only doing it for one night, its not really going to be cost effective. By the time you buy a tent, sleeping bags, a cooler, and any other supplies you might need, plus pay for your campsite, I think you'll end up paying a whole lot more than just staying in a hotel. I think you'll need to camp for at least 2-3 nights for the equipment to pay for itself.

    I'll also say that if saving money is a concern, you could probably save quite a bit by renting a full sized sedan instead of the SUV. Not even including gas, it just generally costs quite a bit more to upgrade from the largest regular car to any specialty vehicle, like an SUV, especially for one way rentals.

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    Thanks for that Michael..

    thats true it would cost us a bit to get the equipment together..(can you rent it ?? ) we were just going to camp for one night in a national park and chill out on the coast...

    Regarding the SUV..we rented it one way from San Fran to Vegas for about $700 including drop off charge so we reckon we got a good deal with plenty of space to enjoy the ride in..

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