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    I am unexpectedly finding myself accompanying my husband on a business trip to Boston area. Having lived in the west all of my life, I am thrilled at the prospect. But have no idea where to begin planning to eek out as much of this quick trip as I possibly can. I need some advice! I truly would love recommendations. On the whole - our passions are in the history and scenery.

    I will be on my own during the days (in Newton, MA) - 4 in total -- but will have access to a car, until late afternoon/early evening when my husband can join me. I'd love recommendations for things I could do on my own, safely, as well as evening things to visit together. I'm hoping my husband can visit some great sites as well before things close up for the day.

    For the weekend we plan on meandering up the coast, and possibly staying in Portland, ME one night and then Bangor, ME the next...meandering back the following day.

    We did get to visit VT several years ago with a drive through the Adirondacks (loved it) so we are trying to stay a little farther east this time.

    Thank you!!

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    Default Daytrips from Boston

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    For a slew of ideas on New England in general, have a read through these threads. For shorter daytrips from Boston, have a look at Portsmouth, NH; Salem, MA;p and Newport, RI as well as taking the ferry over to Provincetown and back. And spend at least a day exploring as much as you can of the Freedom Trail in Boston itself.


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    Thanks for the leads!

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    In Boston, Faneuil Hall is a fun stop with lots of shops and good things to eat. Just about across the street is the New England Aquarium, even if you don't go inside, it is nice to walk around, it's right on the harbor. A few streets over is the North End, which is like a mini Little Italy. Here you can also find Paul Revere's house. Across the harbor is the Constitution, an old ship you can tour for free. Newbury St. in Boston has lots of Galleries and high end shops. The Esplanade is a pretty park along the Charles River. There is often free concerts or movies
    Across the river is Cambridge where Harvard College is. Most everything is easy to get to by subway. Have fun!

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    Default Some drives and locales

    If you're planning on going into the city during the week, I would recommend taking the MBTA (known locally as the T) rather than driving into Boston.

    You are also close enough to make Providence a viable day trip - it is an interesting city to take a stroll through, and if you're into shopping it has some good options there, too.

    For a slightly longer trip, you could head to Mystic, Connecticut, out onto Cape Cod, or up to Gloucester (very close to the previously suggested Salem).

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    Thanks everyone for the leads! I had fun exploring the site to see everyone's favorites! I think I'll just have to pin point all of these spots on a map, pick a path and take in as much as I can! I appreciate all of the suggestions!

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    I highly recommend stopping in Portsmouth, NH and having a wander around the town, Strawbery Banke and Prescott Park. I'm from NH and its my favorite little city. When you head up the coast, skip 95 and use Route 1A (and Route 1 when you have to get on and off 1A) - there are great stop off areas to go tide pooling in areas such as Hampton, Portsmouth and Rye. And I also don't recommend driving in Boston, you can take the T from Newton and it will take you anywhere... also, Boston is a very walkable city. You can follow the Freedom Trail to various historical landmarks.

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