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    Default Los Angeles to Denver/Chicago/DC/VA and back a 92 Honda

    Hey there. Like the subject says, I am tentatively planning on road-tripping for the first three weeks in Aug, going through those cities, particularly in this order:
    1. first stop in St. George UT, visiting a friend
    2. Denver, visiting another friend
    3. Lincoln, NE, visiting relatives
    4. Chicago, just visiting for an afternoon, enroute to Ann Arbor, MI
    5. Ann Arbor, MI, friends
    6. Pittsburgh, relatives, enroute to DC
    7. Washington, DC, relatives and friends
    8. Norfolk, VA, friends and old hometown

    Then I am going to be traveling with a friend back toward Denver, since this friend is moving there, and doing this in about two or three days, and then maybe either driving back alone to CA or first driving south to Albuquerque, NM, picking up a couple school friends there, and then driving back to CA that way.

    I am traveling in a 1992 Honda Civic with about 190k miles. Everything runs rather well so far, and as I just bought, I also got it checked with a mechanic, so there aren't any current problems. While I am not in too much of a hurry, I figure I will be spending about half the time on the road and half visiting with friends, and I don't really mind the otherwise rather hurried pace of the trip.

    I was wondering, all this said, does this seem somewhat reasonable, particularly given I am traveling in a relatively older car which, as a honda, has a good reliability history? And do you all have any advice or suggestions for the trip? Many thanks for the great suggestions and advice given on the site.


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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I think your trip idea seems basically fine. 2-3 days from Virginia to Denver is probably faster than is realistic, with closer to 4 still being a pretty fast pace.

    I guess the other thing I would recommend is making sure you have a good plan for what will happen if you have a mechanical problem. Even though your car has checked out so far, the fact that you are looking at a 16 year old car with nearly 200 thousand miles, and you don't have first hand knowledge of the car's history puts you in a fairly high risk of having a problem on the road. That doesn't mean you shouldn't attempt the trip, it just means you need to have a plan for how to deal with a mechanical problem and figure out what you would do if the cost of the repairs exceeds the value of the car.

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    Hi, sorry for getting back late. In terms of planning and setting aside at least a few hundred or so aside as backup, if this sounds reasonable, would it also sound reasonable to be prepared for the usual things and possibly get AAA membership? What sort of membership should I look into? Thanks again for the advice.


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    Default Yes to emergency road service

    Whether it be AAA or one of the other companies. Just compare benefits so you are getting the type of coverage you need. If you go with AAA, I would recommend getting AAA-Plus as you get 100 miles towing instead of just 5 miles.

    When you had the mechanic check out the car, did you tell him/her that you were going on a very long roadtrip? I know that my mechanic looks at my car a bit differently when he's assessing it for the road. This is particular true for the large amount of miles you'll be putting on. Maintenance that can be deferred for around time driving might just as well be done now. For example, the last time I did a big roadtrip, we replaced my water pump. It was working fine but it was nearing a time when this part on my particular car is known to start failing. So we just went ahead and did it to avoid a problem when on the road. It's better to do this type of maintenance before a problem occurs and usually cheaper to fix as one breakdown on the road can cause other problems that also need fixing.

    I think your trip looks great, by the way. You will definitely need to keep moving on the days you're driving but it sounds like you have plenty of days of rest while visiting people and places to rest up for the driving days.
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