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    HI all,

    Just registered to your wonderfull forum, read many notes on Las Vegas and L.A and decided to post my own since i have a question about two possible ways i can go.

    Anyways i am flying in to Las Vegas, picking up my car. I have 7 days. Flying out from Las Vegas so decided to keep it for the last since i have to return to the city anyways.
    My original idea was driving to L.A. While there visiting Santa Barbara, then driving south to San Diego with possibility of a day tour in Tijuana. After that i wanted to visit Death Valley. After viewing maps i get stuck with two other possible routes, driving to San Diego first and then working my self up to L.A - Santa - Barbara - Death Valley and returning to Las Vegas or hitting Death Valley first and then working my way down Santa Barbara - L.A and San Diego.

    Like i mentioned i dont have detailed map yet in front of me, just wanted to hear some ideas from those who've done it. My main concern is visiting above named places without being all over the map, driving south and north.

    Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Default Las Vegas is a great hub city for roadtrippin'

    Quote Originally Posted by Creemore View Post
    My original idea was driving to L.A. While there visiting Santa Barbara, then driving south to San Diego with possibility of a day tour in Tijuana.
    A loop trip probably makes more sense, than doubling back a couple of times. Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! We are into our hot season now -- its been 111 degrees (F) four days in a row, (in Las Vegas), and so if you are not used to high temperatures, you will need to think about how much this might affect you.

    I would suggest a trip that meanders south and west through Mojave National Preserve, Joshua Tree National Park and then down to San Diego. A day or so in Los Angeles and then north to Santa Barbara and then east to the central valley, northeast to Lake Isabella through Death Valley and back to Las Vegas.

    Here are some more ideas and resources for planning your trip.

    Day trips from Las Vegas
    Summer Travel tips
    One possible route from Las Vegas to San Diego
    A few ideas for touring in San Diego
    You won't be able to drive your rental car into Mexico!
    Tips for visiting Los Angeles
    Some more route info
    Scroll down this report, filed a few days ago from Death Valley!

    Hope this gets you started!


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