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  1. Default Need some ideas for a roadtrip by motorcycle from IL to ME

    Hello, I would love any ideas you might have on a trip we are taking July 13 to Maine for one week. We are looking for mountain and ocean rides with quaint towns and interesting sights. And hopefully you can include Cabit Cove from Murder She Wrote .... smile!
    Thanks a bunch,

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    Default Deer Isle

    Quote Originally Posted by Jackie from IL View Post
    Hello, I would love any ideas you might have on a trip we are taking July 13 to Maine for one [week.
    Just about my favorite set of roads in Maine are around Stonington Harbor and Deer Isle -- Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum!


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    Default Maine Coast and Mountains

    Unfortunately, the 'locations' for Murder She Wrote's Cabot Cove are mostly in Mendocino, CA. Still the Maine coastline is gorgeous - I lived there for about a dozen years. If you're looking for picturesque towns and the 'rock-ribbed coast' then what I'd suggest is that you look at the area between Brunswick and Rockland. There are a number of peninsulas that jut out into Casco Bay and the roads down any of them should meet your needs. For mountains, I'd actually suggest New Hampshire and Vermont instead. NH-153/ME-113 can be used to make a very scenic ride from the coast up to the White Mountains and any of US-2, US-302, NH-112, or NH-113 will give you a wonderful mountain ride. For lots more ideas, check out these links.


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