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  1. Default Would love a little advice: Wisconsin to San Diego, Up to Seattle, and back

    So my boyfriend and I are planning a road trip next spring, and we are planning on about 3 to 4 weeks to travel from where we live in Wisconsin to the west coast and back.

    We plan on starting on the coast in San Diego, but want to stop in Colorado, Flagstaff, AZ (my boyfriends family is there), and Vegas before we get to San Diego. From San Diego we plan to head up the coast until we hit Seattle, then head back to Wisconsin from there.

    ANY advice, comments, suggestions, would be very welcome! We are very excited about planning this road trip, but really don't even know where to start!

    In advance, thanks for your help!

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    Default start here

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    3-4 weeks should give you a very nice time to make a big loop like this, so at least it sounds like you are starting out on the right foot.

    Otherwise, I'd recommend simply looking around this site for help to get started. There are dozens of articles in our planning section that could be helpful for you, and of course, a lot of information can be had simply by browsing through this forum!

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    Default Route 66

    Take Route 66 for part or all of the way to LA. It will take you back into time. Plus, you are right by by the interstate, so can always get on to make time that you lose by looking at interesting things.

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    Default Start planning with the basics

    And this would be a paper map or good atlas. You both should go over them, marking the things that jump out at you as places to visit, and see if any apparent routes jump out at you.

    It's fun to play around with the online planning tools (Mapquest, GoogleMaps, YahooMaps, etc.) but it's best to leave those until after you have gotten a general idea of what appeals to you via the paper maps, imho.

    If you want us to give you recommendations, it helps to know what kind of things interest you (outdoors vs. cities, for example), specific places you intend to visit, what routes you're considering, etc. That way we can fine-tune our recommendations to meet your interests and needs.

    Have fun with your planning and let us know how we can help you further.

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