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  1. Default Advice on things to see AZ to IN

    In 2005 I left Arizona and spent 49 days in my car travelling around America. I drove 14,000 miles (and only got 1 speeding ticket! damn you, north dakota)

    Now before gas prices get any worse, I'd like to make another cross country trip, albeit a much shorter and less spectacular one.

    Again, I'll be leaving from South-eastern Arizona, but this time the destination is Northern Indiana. I'm leaving on July 11th, and need to be back on July 28th. I'm looking for a nice lazy route where I can hopefully see some things I missed on my epic road trip in 2005 and I came here seeking suggestions of things to do and roads to drive on. My goal is Indiana, but I do not need to take a direct route, and I can stray off the path if there's something really awesome nearby.

    I like scenic views, nice curvy roads, anything involving nature or animals interests me. As well as Aviation and American Atomic history. Really, I'll go for anything, as long as it's new. I think my travelling partner would appreciate any well known haunted destinations.

    Thanks so much, really looking forward to hearing about your experiences.
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    Default I don't know about haunted but...

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Looking at some of the gaps in your last trip, what I might look at going up through more of Utah and into Wyoming (perhaps yellowstone), before coming across South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin on your way to Indiana. Some aviation and atomic stops would include the Minuteman Missle Site in South Dakota and the Experamental Aircraft Association Museum in Wisconsin.

    Heading back home, I think I'd go back to the Mississippi River, and head down the River Road and then cut across Texas.

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    Default Swing through the Ozarks

    Hey- good luck with that trip. My suggestion is that if you like mountain scenery, cut through the Ozarks. If you really like winding roads, Rt. 7 from Hot Springs to Russellville is for you. It is beautiful, but the amount of energy used to navigate the turns is distracting at times- and it is not driver-friendly in heavy rain. If you're approaching from I30E, you get off at exit 78 and head N. Personally, I've only been on the road from Missouri to Hot Springs, but I know it's one of the top 3 curvy roads I've been on, and it's 45-55 MPH (about 2+ hrs. from I-30 to I-40 in Russellville).
    The must-see route that I recommend to anyone traveling through there in a car (anything not towing a trailer) is the Clarksville, Ar to Springfield, Mo trip along AR-21 to AR-7 to AR-412 to US-65. At a leisurely pace with some stops, it takes about 4 hours from I-40 to I-44 in Missouri. If that's a bit much, a shorter-but-slightly-less-scenic route is AR-7 from Russellville to AR-412 to US-65. Absolutely breathtaking scenery and drops, full of observation points and a real connection to the native culture- and most of it is 55/65 MPH. I liken the beauty to Green Mountains, Cape Cod US-6 and -6a, and US Rt.66 trips I've taken. Awesome. It's also a really great way to cut from I-44 (Tulsa to I-70 in St. Louis) to I-40 or I-30.

    My recommendation is that if you want to pick one of the other, the latter (AR-21 to I-44) is the must-see. It provides the best blend of some of the things you like- curvy roads, scenery and wildlife. (You could easily see bears, wild boars, deers and even elk they've re-populated). I'm originally from the Northeast, and the first few trips through the Appalachians and then I-40 got old quick. One time I decided to change it up and take I-70 to I-44 then south along this route, and I'm very happy I did. I think you will too. I hope you enjoy your journey and find some great stuff! Good luck.

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