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    My husband and I are taking our son to college in Chicago from Brooklyn, NY. We were thinking of taking the more direct route through PA and OH on our way there (knowing that our son will just be so ready to land in his new world) and then splurging a bit on the way back by spending some time on the road through the Northern route via Canada. Any suggestions from anyone on either route? We plan to take two or three days going out and would like any recommendations on routes/lodging and food. Coming back, WHATEVER!! We would love some beautiful scenry, off the main road drives, good eats and digs and ways to avoid unscenic road ways. We like solitude and fun, authenic places. We could even explore the Finger Lakes region of New York, something we haven't doen in years.Thanks!

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    The 'There' is easy. It's just under 800 miles from New York to Chicago via I-80, which can be comfortably driven in two days, even with a few stops. Other possibilities include the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Coming 'Back' with just you and your husband through Canada with some time sounds like a great idea. From Chicago, I'd head north through Wisconsin, maybe following parts of the Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive, poking into Door County, and continuing up to Colonial Michilimackinac before crossing into Canada at Sault Ste Marie, then around Lake Huron to Toronto. From there you have a choice of going counter-clockwise around Lake Ontario through Niagara and the Finger Lakes or clockwise through the Thousand Islands and down through the Adirondacks. I think you'd enjoy either way


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