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    Default Boston-LA-Boston

    Hi Guys,

    I with my other 2 friends will be going for a road trip from Boston to LA and come back to Boston during the Labor day weekend. Our trip is for 10 days and will be renting a car from Enterprise. Details of the trip are here:-

    Leave from Boston on Friday evening for Columbus, OH, get there by early morning and check that place out for some hours and move onto Indiana, IN and stay there for 2-3 hours. From Indiana to St. Loius, MO to Tulsa, OK to Albuquerque, NM. We will be spending 2-3 hours at each location. From there we move onto Grand Canyon, get there on Sunday morning by 5-6 am and hang out at canyon for 6-7 hours and move onto Vegas (12 hours). From Vegas leave for LA, stay for 36 hours. From LA-San Francisco-Salt Lake City-Denver, CO-Omaha-Des Moines- Chicago-Cleveland-Boston, come back after roughly 9 nights on Sept 7th to Boston. We may take a detour to Dallas, TX from Tulsa, OK but that depends on how much time we have.

    Can we make this trip? We plan on continuously driving with 1 person sleeping in the back seat while the other 2 in the front. We will be camping some nights, which locations would be best to do that during this route?

    I have rented a compact car for $270 inclusive of taxes for 10 days, is that reasonable?

    Is this a good itinerary? Any better and scenic route I could take without much detour as time is less?

    What other places should I must check out during this trip, I want to see the desert roads around canyon, vegas, arizona. I researched Death Valley and Mojavo National reserve and they look exciting places to explore, any info on this would be great!

    Instead of Interstate highways, what are some historic and beautiful state highways I can take which take me through smaller towns and cities, for example Rte 66 around Arizona and Canyon is popular

    Rough estimate of gas for 6700 miles is $1, that a good estimate?

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    Default sounds totally miserable

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I'm sorry, but ignoring the human elements of why this sounds like it would be a miserable trip, its just not physically possible. You'd need nearly 48 hours just to get from Boston to the Grand Canyon, and that's before your various 2-3 hour stops along the way. In other words, there is just no way you could leave on Friday evening and get there Sunday at sunrise.

    Like I mentioned, that ignores the human element of the trip that its just not fun to put that kind of stress on your body. You might be able to drive this virtually non-stop and even do it safely, but you'd have to stick to a strict rotation where the person in the back would absolutely have to sleep (no talking, no sightseeing) and the passenger would have to focus on making sure the driver is in good shape. This is very much work, and really is not something you should try for the first time on this scale.

    The best way I could sum up your plans is this: You want to run a marathon, and do it at a record breaking speed, but you do it without doing any training and have a fun time. Plus, at the end of that marathon, instead of taking a break, you'd plan to go on a nice long nature hike. I personally, don't think that sounds like a good time, and other than a quick adrenaline rush from starting an overwhelming trip like this, I don't know why you'd even want to do it.
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    Default I don't mean to be rude..............

    ............but this is a sure-fire train wreck, in my humble opinion.

    There is simply no way to get adequately rested sleeping in the back of a small car which is in constant motion, or even a minivan or fullsize van, for that matter. You might get by with it for a night or two, but by the third day/night, you'll be a carload of zombies and a serious threat to yourselves and the motoring public.

    I would not remotely consider such an undertaking, and I sincerely hope you'll find some much more local travel worth considering. Besides that, it's difficult to imagine it would really be any fun. All driving and a few hours here, a few hours there sounds like a chore to me.


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    Default Point taken!!

    Thanks guys for the replies. I totally agree with both of you that the trip beats all levels of human threshold of tiredness but that was the motive of this trip when it was conceived. But know that we have been planning for the trip for sometime we do feel that its going to take a lot of toll on our bodies. We are in process of either extending our trip a little longer or breaking for some good night sleep by setting up a camp. It will be great if any of you guys could point out some noteworthy places to visit and camp between Columbus, OH-Indiana, Tulsa-Dallas-New Mexico-Arizona-Nevada-Cali. We will be doing an extendive search for the places we want to visit along our trip and we do have pin point some places like Death Valler, Mojavo national reserve, Oral Roberts Univ, Tulsa. Any small towns and eating joints information would be great and thanks for the replies again, its given us a different perspective towards our road trip.

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