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    Hi, there. I and one other are planning a round trip road trip from Chicago to New Orleans. We're leaving on the 10th and need to return the rental car on the 14th. So far our itinerary is thus:

    Day 1 (July 10th)

    Chicago to Nauvoo, IL
    Nauvoo to St. Louis
    St. Louis to Campsite A

    Day 2 (11th)

    Campsite A to Memphis
    Memphis to New Orleans

    Day 3 (12th)

    New Orleans to Campsite B

    Day 4 (13th)

    Campsite B to Chicago

    I'm wondering if any of you have suggestions for filling in those campsite variables.

    Campsite A
    should lie between St. Louis and Memphis, and ideally we would not have to stray too far from the most direct route. I'm thinking that somewhere outside Cape Girardeau, MO might be good?

    Campsite B should be a 5 or 6 hour drive away from New Orleans (northward, of course) which I suppose would put us in Mississippi? Any stand-out choices?

    At both campsites we will be setting up a tent. We're not interested in hiking or fishing or anything, more in the price (want to keep the expenses as low as we can) and the prettiness of the scenery. A shower or bathhouse would be really nice but isn't necessary. We'd also prefer the sites to be more remote than not to mitigate the effect of crowds and noisiness.

    I think we may end up staying in a cheap hotel for our night in New Orleans -- any recommendations on that front?

    Also, suggestions on interesting places to stop anywhere along this route are welcome, and any sort of feedback in general.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Finding good cheap campsites is incredibly easy (at least for me) by following two simple rules: Use paper maps and Use state parks. In your case, a quick glance at a state of Missouri map (in an atlas) revealed Trail of Tears State Park just outside of Gape Girardeau (a lovely town by the way) with camping on the Mississippi. In Mississippi there are three possibilities along I-55 4-5 hours north of New Orleans: John W. Kyle, George P. Cossar, and Hugh White State Parks.


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