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    Following some good advice from here a few weeks ago, my wife and I are visiting the central californian coast wine district, wishing to stay in Santa Barbara somewhere reasonably priced, not breaking the bank on July 13th to 15th... can anybody recommend a place?

    Thank you.

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    Default Santa Barbara area

    Last May, you had planned to go to Napa. How did that turn out?

    For central coast wineries -- you really ought to get this guide book -- It IS the definitive source for finding those little places you will never find on your own.

    Nice central location: Fiesta Inn and Suites on State Street -- I put one of our IT Guys up for a night last spring -- he said it was pleasant and quiet.

    Another basic motel -- but it has a stunning beach view would be the Cabrillo Inn --- furnishings are a bit dated -- but is a lot less than Simpson House Inn or some of the other outstanding choices in the area.

    For a real cute, but less expensive option I would suggest Solvang -- either the Solvang Gardens Lodge or the Chimney Sweep. Likewise, the Moon's Nest Inn in nearby Ojai is also a good bet.

    Let us know what you found in Napa....

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    I spent four years in Santa Barbara at school there. When my parents came to visit they would most often stay in Goleta instead of Santa Barbara proper. It'll be much less expensive and much less scenic. So if you don't have a problem with driving into SB look for a motel in Goleta. On the other hand if you wanted to stretch it a bit the Upham Hotel is beautiful and near downtown, but also pretty expensive. Good luck and if you like cajun food try The Palace it's excellent.

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