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    i'm driving to durango, CO from bham, AL this summer for a week long road trip with a friend. anyone have any advice for good tent camping in OK? also, any other cool stops worth mentioning would be appreciated! we really want to take alternate routes and explore a little along the way. thanks!

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    If you're considering driving from somewhere in Alabama to Durango, CO, then you will need two overnight stays, and not just one, halfway in Oklahoma. If you plan to make the 1500 mile drive in just two days, then you certainly won't have time for any stops along the way, and probably not even the time to set up a campsite.


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    thanks AZBuck, i should've been more clear, but my question was just mainly for OK. yes, we are planning for a 2 night stay along the way but we're planning to leave very early in the morning in order to arrive somewhere in oklahoma in around 9-11 hours then camp. i've heard OK is very beautiful and want to make the most of that camping experience if we can. from bham to OK i'm not nearly as interested in exploring as i am from OK to durango. i suppose i've used the word "camp" loosely as well.. what i really want is somewhere very pretty, nice and safe, and we're not planning on going all out. just popping up a tiny tent and making the most of not having to spend tons of money on a hotel, while instead enjoying the natural surroundings. any state parks you can recommend? i've searched the web and come up with several, just wanted to hear people's opinions.

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    In that case, it sounds like you're looking for one of the resort-type Oklahoma state parks in the Ozarks region of eastern Oklahoma. While I've not camped there and certainly haven't visited them all, I did visit Beavers Bend Park a couple of years ago and was quite impressed with its beauty and tranquility. For your purposes, one of the ones a bit farther north along I-40 should serve, so have a look at the following Oklahoma State Parks: Brushy Lake, Tenkiller, Greenleaf, Dripping Springs, Arrowhead and Okmulgee. See if one of those doesn't meet your needs.


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