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    Default Flooding better-Time to hit the Road!

    I live in Rockford,, IL, which is almost to the WI border midway between Lake Michigan and Iowa. My Husband and I love to gamble. Some of the places "close to home" where we like to go are Ho-Chunk in Baraboo, WI and several of the boats on the Iowa side of the Mississippi River.

    If anyone has updates on ease of access to the Iowa boats, please let me know, as we are eager to get back to our "happy hobby".

    A word to the wise: We never spend more than we intend.
    We never put our winnings back into the machines.
    We know when to say "It's time to go home."
    There is no shame in losing. Especially if you follow rule 1.

    Btw, I have been in 45 of the 48 contiguous states. Business travel, mostly.

    Be sure to let me know about getting to those boats!
    Thanks so much!
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    Default stay north

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You shouldn't have any problem getting to Quad Cities, Clinton, or Dubuque, but if you start going farther south, especially around Quincy, you might run into some problems.

    If they ever get that casino built in Beloit it sounds like you'd save a lot of miles. I guess you'd really have it made if they ever built a boat on the Rock, but I don't think that will happen as long as Morrissey is mayor.

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