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    I'm planning on taking a road trip out to Vegas in October (Oct 17-24). I've driven out to Denver a few times and know what to expect. However, I've never driven the I-70/I-15 route to Vegas. I have heard from a few people that there is at least one long stretch with no gas. Is this true? Also, will snow be a problem this time of year?


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum, Sausage King!

    Beyond Denver on I-70 is an amazing trip over the Rocky Mountains. There is one long stretch of a bit over 100 miles in Eastern Utah through the San Rafael Swell without gas or services. There are plenty of signs warning you to fill up before you get to that point, so it really shouldn't be a problem.

    Snow would be a little unlikely, but not totally unheard of, at this time of year.

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